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Digital devices and digital media are an essential strand of today’s society and economy. Research at Noroff University College is focused on exploring aspects of the development of digital media and examines issues related to securing data in digital form.

Noroff University College has a collaborative interdisciplinary research environment. The diverse skill set of our international research group, in combination with our extensive corporate and industrial connections places our group in a unique position to offer international partnerships and collaborative research. We have connections with various universities and research institutes on four Continents.

Why focus on Research?

Noroff recognizes the importance of research active staff and research led teaching and innovation. The University College views the NUC Research Program as integral to its ability to prepare students for future careers. We are committed to research and the strategy is based on the following fundamental principles:

  1. Our research informs and enhances our teaching
  2. Our research highlights and addresses current challenges in the commercial world
  3. Our research enhances our academic reputation

Noroff staff are actively involved in the following research projects:

Big data analysis for effective planning and distribution of public administration

This is a European Economic Area funded project under the 2014 – 2021 grant (Project Number: GG-PDP1-001) that aimed at analysing the geolocation data of everyday mobility of Czech Republic citizens to understand population movement in order to effectively plan, organise, and distribute public services and public administration in the territory. Isah A. Lawal of Noroff University College is partnering with two other researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Trondheim) and Western Norway Research Institute (Sogndal) on this project. For detailed information, please check the project website.

The Data Disposal Study

This is part of an on-going joint project carried out in conjunction with the University of South Wales in the UK and Edith Cowan University in Australia it examines the data that remains on second hand hard disks obtained on the second hand market. Previous research has revealed that a significant proportion of the disks still contain volumes of information, much of which would have been of a sensitive nature to the organisation or individual that had previously owned the disc.

E-learning and Accessibility Issues

Exploring the challenges of delivering curriculum material in an online environment. This project revolves around the PhD Work of Tom Drange, a lecturer specialising in online delivery at Noroff University College.


An European Economic Area (EEA) funded Project entitled "Support the development of tools and methods to promote gender equality at the local level' PROGRAMME AREA: PT07 Mainstreaming Gender Equality and Promoting Work-Life Balance” by the Institute of Geography & Spatial Planning, Centre of Geographical Studies, University of Lisbon [Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Território, Universidade de Lisboa (IGOT UL)], Project leader Dr. Margarida Queirós. NUC has contributed to various aspects including security issues of the project as this project requires the collection of extensive personal data. More information can be found at the GenMob Website.

FASTER - Forensic And Security Teaching: Educational Resources

The project is focused on developing and testing a methodology to improve the creation of practical computer based exercises and associated teaching material in the area of cyber security and computer forensics. This project will develop a methodology to support the creation of practical exercises and will involve students from Norwich University in the USA and Noroff University College in creating a test scenario. This project is funded by SIU, (PNA-2015-10010).


In conjunction with Agder University the project explores learning technology for students in programming by developing solutions and tools closely linked to the skills and training they need in the workplace. This includes evaluation of existing tools tied to employment. Read more.

Our research community actively participates in national and international co-operation and with various network as indicated by the following connections and collaborations.

  • Noroff University College is a member of The Global Centre of Expertise (GCE) NODE, a cluster of 66 companies in the oil and gas industry in Southern Norway. This consortium has a number of interests in innovation work for the sector.
  • Noroff University College is a member of the EYDE cluster. The Eyde Cluster draws its 27 members from key process industry enterprises, located in the Southern Norwegian region. Its focus is innovation and economic growth in the process industry.
  • The DIGIN IT cluster consists of 70 small to medium sized companies in Southern Norway. DIGIN includes a wide range of companies with ICT related interests. This includes organisations such as Bitpro, Bitfrost and the University of Agder in addition to Noroff University College.
  • Noroff University College is an associate member of the Technology Futures Research Institute (TFI), at Teesside University in the UK. This collaboration is aimed at supporting staff, students, and developing and supporting research activities.
  • The International Cyber Observatory (ICO) a group of three universities collaborating on the collection and analysis of network security data on two continents (USA and Europe). In addition to Noroff University College, this includes This includes: University of South Wales, UK and Norwich University, USA.
  • Editorial Board Member - International Journal of Information Quality.
  • Guest Editor Special Edition of the International Journal of WWW and the Internet
  • Guest reviewer Bit y Aparte Magazine / Sello ARSgames [Revisión científica Bit y Aparte / Sello ARSgames], Madrid, Spain
  • Guest reviewer U.Porto edições. Link, Oporto University publications, [Universidade do Porto], Portugal.
  • International board of referees on the journal ‘Digital Investigation’
  • International Conference on Cloud Security Management,
  • Journal Reviewer – Data and Information Quality,
  • Journal Reviewer – Digital Investigation
  • Journal Reviewer – Information Management & Computer Security.
  • Journal Reviewer – Journal of Information Systems Education,
  • Program Chair Games and Entertainment Technologies Conference, IADIS
  • Program Chair Interactive Human Computer Interfaces Conference, IADIS
  • Program Review Committee SBgames 2015 (culture track reviewer), XIII Brasilian Symposia of Games and Entertainment [XIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Jogos e Entretenimento], Teresina, Brazil.
  • Program Review Committee Seventh Augmented Human International Conference (AH 2016), Geneva, Switzerland, February 25 & 26, 2016.
  • Program Review Committee Videojogos 2015, SciTecIN'15 - Sciences and Technologies of Interaction Conference, Coimbra, Portugal, at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of the University of Coimbra (DEEC-UC), on 12-13 November 2015.
  • Programme Committee Member European Conference on Cyberwarfare Warfare and Security,
  • Programme Committee Member of ECCWS & ICCWS
  • Programme Committee Member of Information Conference on Information Quality 2004 – 2011
  • Programme Committee Member of NOKOBIT
  • Programme Committee Member of SECAU conferences in Edith Cowan University.
  • Scientific committee 2nd International Seminar about Arts Research [2ºcongreso Internacional de Investigación en Artes Visuales. I<real I virtual>I], Arts National Researchers Association [Asociación Nacional de Investigadores en Arte (ANIAV)], 9-10 July, University Politechnique of Valencia, Spain.
  • Scientific committee of the Workshop CRIISE2015: Creativity and Innovation in Information Systems and Engineering part of the CENTERIS 2015 – International Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems, which will take place in October 7-9, Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal.
  • Scientific committee UCMAD2016 - Usefulness and Creativity in Mobile Application Development, CENTERIS/ProjMAN/Hcist, October 5-7, 2
  • SECAU Security Congress, Perth Australia.
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
  • IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
  • Elsevier – Neurocomputing
  • Journal of the Optical Society of America

Noroff Research facilities

The group has access to a number of design studios for Creative Media Work and a purpose built consultancy and research laboratory focusing on forensics and data recovery. The restricted access lab can used for analyzing computer files in a manner that makes the information gained presentable as evidence in a court. Research is focused on address problems that are currently being encountered in the forensic process including extracting information from systems in an evidentially sound manner. Noroff University College also has a fully equipped sound studio with a range of software and hardware that can be used for the analysis of audio artefacts.

We offer commercial services to organizations for retrieving and analyzing files and systems.

We have a number of adjunct staff and connections with staff at universities across the globe supporting research and development:

  • Bristol University, UK
  • Cardiff University, UK
  • Deakin University, Australia
  • Edith Cowan University, Australia
  • Longwood University, USA
  • Newcastle University, UK
  • Norwich University, Vermont, USA
  • Sunderland University, UK
  • Teesside University, UK
  • University of Bournemouth, UK
  • University of Lapland, Finland
  • University of Lisbon, Portugal
  • University of South Wales, UK

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