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Associate Professor of Digital Forensics
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Miscellaneous Information:

Emlyn Butterfield is an experienced practitioner and academic within the field of digital forensics. He has authored a number of articles including the teaching of digital forensics and cybersecurity. Emlyn is experienced in the development and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate awards across, both for onsite and online delivery. Emlyn has experience of providing both professional and expert verbal evidence in Crown Court and tribunals, and providing technical expertise and guidance to both the prosecution and defence. Emlyn's experience brings together the worlds of academia and industry.

Consultancy, commercial work and industrial connections Emlyn has worked at, and managed, numerous forensics companies across the UK and is experienced working as an expert in criminal and civil cases.

Research Interests

The development of technology, and its integration within society, in recent years has led to the mass market of relatively inexpensive digital devices; capable of storing terabytes of data. The increase in data has led to a vast increase in workload for forensic examiners, in particular in the law enforcement arena, meaning that backlogs are now present, in instances up to 3 years and many with 6 months to 1 year. Not only does a backlog impact on the criminal justice system of any country, it also negatively impacts on the life of the individual under investigation. Emlyn's research looks to identify news tools and processes that will automate and expedite the forensic analysis process.