Noroff School of technology and digital media

About Noroff

People with digital competence and creativity are in extraordinary high demand. Many of today's jobs will disappear, and far too few job applicants have the knowledge and skills to cover the industry´s current and future needs. People’s skill sets need to be developed, and education is the solution.

Our value proposition

Digital transformation happens continuously and has become a part of working life as natural as the lunch break. Therefore, regular professional training is needed to remain relevant in the job. Noroff has educational offers for everyone, no matter where you are in your life and career. Noroff is part of the solution.

We have programs that are not only future-ready, but also practical and in-demand by today's employers. Our students will learn what is needed now, and we have a close dialogue with the industry to ensure that our programs are as relevant as possible.

Our teaching staff maintains a high standard and has practical industry experience. Every year they prepare thousands of students for the jobs employers are struggling to find people for.

Noroff delivers education adapted to all phases of life through flexible educational courses. We focus on digital teaching, both online and on our modern campuses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand. Our teachers are hands-on, eager to give everyone an excellent learning experience.

We are Norway's largest Higher Vocational College and have several bachelor programs with an attractive combination of practical and theoretical expertise. For working professionals we also offer effective bootcamps to top-up your skills in digital subjects.

The digital professionals of the future study at Noroff.

Our vision and mission

Our vision for the future is “a world where the education of today meets the needs of tomorrow”. And we contribute to this future through our mission to “provide people from all walks of life with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to build next-generation careers.”

Simply put, our commitment is to keep everyone up to date, formulated by our two strategic goals: To deliver employability and an excellent student experience.

Employability is delivered through what we teach – all courses are designed to meet industry needs and to arm each student with state-of-the-art skills to maximize job readiness. Industry integration is key when developing, producing, and teaching new and existing courses.

Student experience is fundamentally about maximizing the students’ chances of success and is delivered though how we teach. We serve a broad range of people, from young students to businesses and working professionals, and the learning experience needs to cater to people from all walks of life. This requires us to adopt new technologies to deliver flexibility, engaging and effective learning, strong student communities and perfecting both the online and physical learning environment.

Our values

To accomplish our mission and our goals of delivering employability and an excellent student experience, we must all work together and pull in the same (and the correct) direction. This is easier said than done. To guide our everyday decisions, we have created a cultural foundation expressing clearly which behaviours we value the most in our organization.

Continuous learning

We believe that the acquisition of knowledge and skills is the fundamental driver of individual and shared progress. In our culture everyone has something to learn and something to teach others.

You are continuous learners by:

  • Creating a plan for your professional development
  • Prioritizing and allocating time in your hectic schedule to learn and develop
  • Sharing insights and relevant knowledge with your peers
  • Encouraging curiosity and valuing good questions rather than perfect answers


Through collaboration we foster an environment of trust and reliability. It allows us to get our job done and not worry about everything else.

You collaborate by:

  • Defining your role and responsibilities together with your team
  • Sharing information your colleagues need to succeed
  • Asking for assistance when you need it and offering to help others
  • Listening first and seeking to understand a problem before solving it
  • Communicating effectively – ensuring that your message is not just delivered but also received and understood the way you intended

Outstanding work

By delivering outstanding work we collectively build an organization that delivers outstanding results for students, partners, and our colleagues.

You deliver outstanding work by:

  • Setting clear goals for you and your team and measure the result
  • Prioritizing your work – getting things done is better than doing everything
  • Giving and receiving regular feedback, encouraging continuous improvement
  • Recognizing outstanding work of others by letting them know
  • Having fun in the process and making each day count

Developing the future

By developing the best version of Noroff, we provide thriving conditions for employees and students to grow and contribute to the future.

You develop the future by:

  • Staying updated on relevant trends and sharing your knowledge
  • Asking questions – why are we doing things the way we do them and how can we improve?
  • Looking for new solutions and innovations withing your area of responsibility
  • Making informed decisions based on data and involvement from relevant parties
  • Daring to experiment and recognizing mistakes as opportunities for learning and improvement

We acknowledge that it’s easy to talk about valued behaviours and much harder to live them. None of us are perfect all the time, but we all work to keep each other accountable for living up to these standards.

Our organisation

Noroff consists of three areas of education:

Together with the Swedish school Nackademin, Noroff is part of a larger Nordic Partnership.

Our campuses

All of the educational programmes at Noroff are accredited by the Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (NOKUT) and have been approved for student loans and grants by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Statens Lånekasse for Utdanning).

In addition to running its own university college, Noroff has collaborations with educational establishments abroad:

This collaboration enables Noroff students to build on their two-year higher vocational college education and receive a bachelor’s degree abroad over the course of a year.