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Associate professor, Interactive Media
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Miscellaneous Information:

Dr. Filipe Pais is a lecturer, researcher and artist interested by the ways technologies affect and shape human and social behaviour. Besides his activity as a lecturer in the field of interactive media (arts and design), he’s a research associate at the Reflective Interaction group from EnsadLab (the laboratory of ENSAD - École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Decoratifs) in Paris.

During his doctoral research entitled Experience and Meaning-making Process in Interactive Arts - The influence of play and aesthetic distance in interactive art encounters (UT Austin Portugal, Feup, University of Porto), Filipe was interested by the aesthetics of play in art experience. After this, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher in the project The Behavior of Things (EnsadLab and University Paris 8) that explores the notion of behaviour in objects that are normally inanimate (ex. a door that sighs, or a video camera that refuses to surveille). He was also a student of Seap, a Master of Arts and Politics conducted by Bruno Latour (Sciences Po, Paris).

His artworks have been featured in different art festivals and events in Portugal and abroad. Lately, he curated the exhibitions From Bits to Paper (Le Shadok, Strasbourg) and Re-enter Lisbon (CPAI, Lisboa).