Video Marketing in Social Media

Video is a vital part of influencer marketing. Work with digital marketing strategies and apply video production and storytelling techniques for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and other social media.

Digital marketers with the ability to influence audiences are in high demand. With the huge rise of social media and video specific social media channels like YouTube and TikTok, if you are a business owner, marketing manager, content marketing expert, or influencer looking to enhance  your brand's awareness, then video marketing should be your top priority.

This one year vocational college program offers expertise in Video Marketing in Social media. Graduates will be able to work with digital marketing strategies aimed specifically at video productions for social media and YouTube. By the end of the program, you will be able to develop and maintain each social media channel, including YouTube, by telling the right stories to the right audience based on your own brand. 

Students learn to apply relevant technology within the field and develop skills in designing video campaigns towards different digital media platforms. You will develop digital marketing competencies and learn the skills to plan, shoot and edit low-cost video productions for YouTube.

Reach your audiences

Whether you are producing video content for social media or general website content, video content is what will se you apart from your competitors. Graduates will be able to work with digital marketing strategies aimed specifically at video content for social media and YouTube. You will learn how to produce content based on each social media channel's audience's preference, and you will also learn how to tell stories that adds a human touch to your brand. 

During your studies, you will develop basic skills in business development and will be able to start and run your own company within the field. You will also learn how to reach and influence selected audiences through the development of organic video content and learn effective production techniques of video ads suitable for different platforms.

Students will also get an understanding of performance data analytics for optimization and adjustments of the video marketing strategy. You will work with real customers through several projects and the final project will be an execution of a large-scale video campaign in line with your chosen company's digital marketing strategy.

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Today, knowledge about how to make thumb stopping video content content is crucial to succeed in social media.Lisa Thesen Koppang, Facebook

Skills in high demand

The battle for attention is increasing, and storytelling skills is vital. Companies today understand that effective marketing happens in social media platforms and on YouTube. A combination of skills in YouTube video production, knowledge in digital marketing and ability to measure performance with the use of analytics tools, is competencies needed for these purposes. This one year educational program provides this expertise and graduates will be able to work in companies in a variety of industries.

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Programme objectives

The first semester starts with an introduction to Digital Marketing Strategy, focusing on communication, trends and the use of different digital platforms. The second topic is Online Video Production, a practical hands-on course in video production workflow needed for online video marketing. Thirdly we dive into YouTube Methodology and how to develop and maintain a successful YouTube channel. The semester concludes with a project in collaboration with a company of your choice.

The second semester starts off with an Industry Project, a course that provides deeper insight in how candidates can develop a business model and exercise entrepreneurship. It continues with an exciting course in SoMe Video, where you will learn how to reach and retain an audience through the development of organic video content using creative storytelling techniques. In the course Video Advertisement you learn how to develop video ads with carefully considered call-to-action elements aimed for selected target groups in different social media platforms. The concluding course in Performance Analytics will teach students how to use current data analytics tools for measurement and reports on performance from video content in digital campaigns.

In the final project, students will design a digital marketing video campaign for a specific product or service and execute this for a customer. The candidate will produce paid ads for the company and perform a large-scale video strategy in accordance to a digital marketing plan.

Courses covered during the first semester of study:

  • Marketing Strategy and Communication
  • Online Video Production
  • YouTube Methodology
  • Semester Assignment

Courses covered during the second semester of study:

  • Industry Project
  • SoMe Video
  • Video Advertisment
  • Performance Analytics
  • Project Exam

The candidate:

  • has knowledge of concepts, processes and tools used in Digital Marketing and communication
  • has knowledge of concepts, processes and tools used in video production for marketing
  • has knowledge of concepts, processes and tools used in the development of a YouTube marketing strategy
  • has knowledge of methods of entrepreneurship within the field of study and is trained in collaboration with students from multidisciplinary academic areas
  • has knowledge of current concepts and processes for development of video marketing strategies in different Social Media platforms
  • has knowledge of processes and tools used in the production of video ads aimed for selected target groups in different Social Media platforms
  • has knowledge of current data analytics tools used for measurement and performance tracking from video content in digital campaigns
  • has knowledge of concepts, processes and tools for the execution of an online video marketing campaign for a client
  • has insight into relevant regulations, legislations and requirements applicable to the field of Video Marketing in Social Media
  • has insight into the importance of professionalism and understands the importance of timely and complete deliveries
  • has insight into quality requirements in online video productions aimed for current digital platforms
  • can update knowledge related to the current processes and tools used in online video marketing
  • understands the importance of the video marketing discipline in a societal and value-creation perspective
  • has industry knowledge and is familiar with different roles, positions and functions in the field
  • can apply knowledge of digital marketing and online communication in development of a digital campaign derived from a client's marketing strategy
  • can apply video production knowledge in development of video marketing content
  • masters relevant techniques and tools for production of video towards different digital platforms
  • can apply knowledge for development and maintenance of a YouTube strategy for promotion of a brand, service or product
  • masters methods for entrepreneurship in collaboration with multidisciplinary academic areas
  • can apply knowledge for development of online video material designed for organic reach in different Social Media platforms
  • can apply knowledge for development of social media video ads towards selected target audiences
  • masters tools for online video performance analytics and can report on key performance indicators
  • can apply knowledge in development of a multiplatform video campaign based on a selected client´s needs
  • can study key performance indicators in a digital marketing strategy, execute video marketing campaigns and report on results
  • can find information about regulations, standardized procedures and requirements relevant for current practices in video marketing in social media
  • understands the ethical principles that apply to the development of a video marketing campaign and understands possibilities and limitations in data analytics
  • has developed an ethical attitude in relation to all aspects of video production and analytics in the digital marketing ecosystems
  • can carry out a value-added video marketing campaign based on the needs of selected target audiences
  • can build relations with peers in the digital marketing industry, across discipline boundaries and with external target groups
  • can develop work methods, products and services of relevance to video marketing campaigns

We recommend the following:
500 GB Hard Disk (possibly 250 GB + cloud storage).
8 GB RAM (16GB for 4K and HD)
Core i5 processor.
Smart phone with good camera.
Both PC and Mac can be used.
Headset Mid-range video camera
Mid-range microphone
Mid-range lighting equipment

Job opportunities

Job titles that are widely used are digital video marketer, digital marketer, influencer, digital marketing manager, market coordinator, market consultant, market strategist and digital advisor. In larger companies, you can work as a video specialist in the marketing, information or communications department. In smaller companies with a strong focus on video in their marketing strategy, you can work as a marketing manager or head of marketing.

The programme may also be suitable for those who wish to start their own business. With a basic expertise in video marketing and solid experience with cost-effective marketing efforts, you will be able to market yourself and your business, perhaps with your own YouTube channel.

Further studies

This education can serve as a platform for further studies. Students who have completed Video Marketing in Social Media can combine these skills with Digital Marketing, Graphic Design or Film Production.



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Programme information


October 18, 2022
January 10, 2023
March 14, 2023
August 16, 2023
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Application deadline: Ongoing admissions
Duration: 1 year full time
2 years part time
Programme language: English
Tuition online:

EUR 3.900,- per semester full time
EUR 1.950,- per semester part time

Accreditations: Approved for loans and grants from the State Educational Loan Fund. NOKUT accredited.
Admission requirements: Admission by formal competence or admission by prior learning. Read more.
Degree: Professional Degree
Credits: 60 ECVET

Lecturing staff

Shelby Mace

Shelby Mace

Tutor, Online Studies
Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore

Tutor, Online Studies

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