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Assistant Professor, Digital Forensics
Miscellaneous Information:

Masters of Science : Computer Science Rhodes University, PMIITPSA

Veronica started her forensic career in 2008.  She is an Assistant Professor at Noroff University. She is the Non-Executive Director within DFIRLABS. Veronica holds a Master in Science at Rhodes University in Information Security with specialisation in the forensic analysis of malware. She prides herself in keeping patients safe as this is something which is near to her heart. She is also a cyborg sporting an embedded medical device herself. She also is a DEF CON Goon and she is the founder of DC2751. 

Her particular research interests include research into security vulnerabilities in medical devices forming part of the Internet of Things, and how these could be exploited by malicious attackers, as well as what types of forensic artefacts could be identified from any attacks. She is extremely passionate about protecting people whose lives depend on these medical devices, and her passion saw her becoming a researcher within an MDM.  At her core Veronica is a forensicator and hacker and in love with every bit, byte and nibble of knowledge she has obtained. 

Research Interests : The better securing and manufacturing of Medical Devices. The implementation of medical devices in the Healthcare Ecosystem. The explorations of building better mechanisms in the manufacturing of these devices and the forensic visibility on them. The IOMT (Internet of Medical Things) and IOFT (Internet of Forensic Things). The research into better clarified definitions and standards with better security controls that cater to the unique challenge that medical and healthcare offers.

Teaching : Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Industrial work : Non-Executive Director at DFIRLABS that practises Digital Forensics and Incident Response. Currently work with Medtronic CHRF  Team in the USA on the creation of a approach to visibility into their medical device ecosystem