Film Production

Become a filmmaker and work professionally with film or television production. In this film education you can immerse to be a producer, director, screenwriter, photographer or editor, and work with the same equipment used by the film industry.

Vocational course

2 years (or 1 year)

Film prodution, vocational education

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Program information

Film Production 2 is a two year Vocational course. It is possibe to only sign up for one year by selecting Film Production 1.

Next startup: 12 August 2024.
Read more about semester start.
Campuses: Oslo and Bergen
Duration: 2 years (It is possible to only sign up for one)
Price on-campus:

EUR 6.100,- per semester.
EUR 190,- admission fee.

Approvals: Approved for loans and grants from the State Educational Loan Fund. Accredited by NOKUT.
Degree: Higher Professional Degree
Credits: ECVET

Admission requirements

Three-year upper secondary education or a vocational education certificate.

You may also apply for admission on the basis of prior learning, as described in our school regulations.

Read more about our admission requirements.

Lecturing staff

Thomas Wangmo

Vocational teacher, Oslo
Sully Reed

Sully Reed

Vocational teacher, Oslo
Mona Hoel

Mona Hoel

Vocational teacher, Oslo

Kjell Hammerø

Vocational teacher, Bergen

Bjørn Bøthun

Vocational teacher, Bergen

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