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Associate Professor of Cyber Security
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Miscellaneous Information:

Fabricio Bortoluzzi holds a 5-year Bachelor degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree also in Computer Science. Fabricio is an experienced educator with 16 years of dedication to teaching the core components of Computer Science, including Computer Architecture, Computer Organization, Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems. Fabricio is a Certified AWS Solutions Architect and holds the AWS Certified Educator Accreditation, enabling him to teach cloud computing through the AWS Academy curriculum, designed for undergraduates in higher education.

At Noroff, Fabricio works as an Associate Professor of Cyber Security. He teaches Operating Systems, Computer Network Attacks, "Vulnerabilities: Exploration and Exploitation" and "Cloud Fundamentals and Security".


His research interests cover a wide range of topics on the intersection of computer science and cyber security: firewalls, intrusion detectors, computer and network vulnerabilities, network packet capture, cloud design and architecting, open-source operating systems, FreeBSD and Unix. He is currently enrolled on the doctoral degree program in Computer Science at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, researching scalable approaches for capturing, processing, and analysis of the internet background radiation (IBR) in the context of cloud computing.


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MELLIES NETO, A. F. ; BORTOLUZZI, F. ; SILVA, E. A. ; ZEFERINO, C. A. Implementation of SIMON Block Cipher to Provide Confidentiality to a Network-on-Chip. Proceedings of the IEEE 33th Symposium on Microelectronics SIM 2018.

GONCALVES, H. W. M. S. ; BORTOLUZZI, F. ; ZEFERINO, C. A. Development of a real-time operating system for a basic microcontroller. In: Brazilian Symposium of Computer Systems and Engineering SBESC, 2013, Niterói. Proceedings..., 2013. p. 1-6.


As a consultant, Fabricio designs and maintains cloud computing architectures mainly for start-up companies. He also writes information security policies and conducts security awareness training, vulnerability assessments, and penetration tests, for cloud-based SaaS companies of varying sizes.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

AWS Academy

Brazilian Computer Society (SBC)

IEEE Computer Society