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Professor of Cyber Security
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Professor Barry Irwin is a recognised expert is the area of Network and Telecommunications security. He published numerous research papers on a range of topics within this field. Research has ranged from cryptographic protection mechanisms to security data analysis. He has supervised and examined a number of Masters and Doctoral research projects. He has experience in the development and delivery of security skills development programs for various industries. He has held the CISSP certification since 2003.


Prof. Irwin’s research interests are largely in the area of passive network intelligence, using existing data available on networks to enhance an organisation’s understanding of threats and improve security. Other key areas of interest are security analytics, data visualisation, cybersecurity education and embedded electronics.


Professor Irwin has performed consultancy and training at various companies in South Africa and neighbouring states in the Defence, Telecommunications, ICT and Financial Services sectors.


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SD Chindipha, A Herbert and B Irwin. 2019. An Evaluation of Text Mining Techniques in Sampling of Network Ports from IBR Traffic. in proceedings of Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC). 1-4 September. Zimbali, South Africa.

SD Chindipha SD, B Irwin B and A Herbert. 2019. Quantifying the Accuracy of Small Subnet-Equivalent Sampling of IPv4 Internet Background Radiation Datasets. SAICSIT Conference on Digital Eco-systems Gone Wild, Skukuza, South Africa, September 17–18, 2019 (SAICSIT ’19)

I Swart, BVW Irwin, MM Grobler. 2019. Adaptation of the JDL model for multi-sensor national cyber security data fusion. National Security: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice, 92-107. IGI-Global.

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Member of the ACM, ISC2 CISSP