The great support and personal drive from his lecturer from Noroff Accelerate helped Levi Mårten through the reskill program when he experienced highs and lows in his private life.

– During the time of the course I had my first children (twins), and my father got sick and died from cancer, so a lot was going on in my life. But with the support from my classmates and especially from my lecturer, Dewald Els, I was able to pull through, says Mårten.

The 32-year old had spent 8 years at Scania as an engineer working on developing special trucks when he got the opportunity to learn web design and programming. He applied and got accepted into the “Scania Reskilling Program” delivered by Noroff Accelerate.

– It was a little scary to leave the field I had been trained in and worked in for so many years, but with software taking over the world I think it was the right call to make, he said.

After the three-month program, he started working as a full-stack web developer at Scania in august 2020.

– I contribute with actual deliveries in frontend and backend, and because I learned the latest ways of writing code, I know more in some areas than some of my experienced colleagues who studied maybe 10 years ago. So, I can even be the go-to guy in some questions.

He describes the course as a “lifehack way of learning a new trade”.

– I learned more actual skills in 3 months than I have probably learned in my 5 years in university and 8 years working.

– What were the most useful skills you learned?

– So many things. Everything from the theory of programming and web design, how browsers work and connect to servers through HTTP, TCP/IP, and API:s to the practical things – which software you need, how they relate to each other, how different programming languages work and so on, he said.

Mårten is one of the many people that has opened new career doors by acquiring sought-after IT skills. And even though the course was demanding at times, he has a piece of clear advice for others who are considering attending an Accelerate course.

– If I could do it while becoming a twin father and losing my dad, then anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. There is absolutely nothing to hesitate about.