Front-end Development with JavaScript

Online bootcamp 17. April 2023
10 weeks part-time Instructor-led

Learn how to create interactive websites and applications with JavaScript.

JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world, used on 95 percent of the world´s 1,6 billion websites. It is what makes websites interactive and engaging for the user. By learning JavaScript you can open opportunities in tech-driven industries such as marketing, design, and product development.

During the 10-week part-time bootcamp you will get versatile skills enabling you to create rich, interactive websites and applications.

Rukhsar Naeem
I am sure that this course will open up many new career opportunities for me.Rukhsar Naeem

About the course

The JavaScript course introduces you to the fundamentals of developing front-end applications for the web. You will learn the very basics of JavaScript, how to manage data with collections and objects, and how to read and manipulate the Document Object Model.

Over ten weeks you'll learn the fundamentals of developing and styling static web pages using HTML & CSS, designing responsive web pages using Figma & Bootstrap, creating dynamic web pages using JavaScript, and building web applications using the frontend framework React. 

Upon completion, you will have a fundamental understanding of using modern web technologies to build interactive web applications.

All our courses are designed to meet the industry´s needs and provide you with the skills that are required to succeed. Our highly qualified instructors have relevant industry experience, and they will help you get the full benefit from the course.

This course is for those with basic or intermediate coding knowledge who wants to learn JavaScript web development. If you are an aspiring IT professional or a professional looking to accelerate your career, this course is for you.

Course information

Where: The course is remote instructor-led, so you can study from anywhere.

When:  17. April 2023

Duration and extent: 10 weeks part time (40 hrs lecture, 60 hrs supervised problem-solving & feedback, 50 hrs self-study). 

Weekly schedule: 2 synchronous webinars (4 hours), 2 programming workshops with dedicated instructor assistance (4 hours), 1 live Q&A session with instructor (2 hours). 5 hours self-study recommended

Price: NOK 39.000,-

What you will learn:

  • Develop and style static web pages using HTML & CSS. 
  • Plan and design responsive web pages using Figma & Bootstrap. 
  • Add interactivity to web pages using vanilla JavaScript. 
  • Serve HTML, CSS and JavaScript files using Node with Express. 
  • Compare and contrast modern frontend development frameworks React and Angular. 
  • Create a Single Page Web Application using React. 

Recommended prerequisites:

General computer knowledge. Some knowledge of HTML and CSS is useful.

Career opportunities: 

Mastering JavaScript can provide you with opportunities as a Front-end developer. If you have experience with Back-end you could pursue a career as a Full-stack developer. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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