Online 7.-8. March 2024 | 8.- 9. April 2024
Two-days workshop Instructor led

Master cyber security principles to protect your organisation against cyber threats.

This two-day workshop offers a comprehensive insight into cyber security. Specifically designed for decision-makers, participants will explore digital threats and learn strategies to manage them. We focus on imparting high-level knowledge that aids in developing proactive strategies against cyber-attacks, ensuring your organisation stays resilient and secure.

This workshop is essential for anyone in a decision-making role across all sectors to understand the nuances of cyber security and apply them to protect their digital assets.

About the workshop

If you are a leader or executive seeking to understand and manage cyber threats effectively, this workshop is tailored for you. Suitable for those without a technical background, it provides essential insights into cyber security. You will gain strategic knowledge to protect your organisation from digital threats, with a curriculum encompassing key cyber security principles and practical strategies for proactive defence.

  • Understanding digital threats and cyber security fundamentals: Acquire a foundational understanding of the cyber threat landscape and the basic principles of cyber security.
  • Developing proactive security strategies: Learn how to create and implement effective security strategies to pre-emptively combat cyber threats.
  • Communicating with technical teams: Gain skills to effectively convey cyber security needs and strategies to technical personnel for efficient implementation.


Workshop information

Where: Remotely delivered with instructor-led format, study from anywhere.

Language: English learning material and facilitation.

When: 11th and 12 March 2024 repeated 8th and 9th April 2024

Duration and extent: Two-day workshop.

Price: 9.500 NOK.

This workshop is not eligible for loans and grants from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for a diverse range of professionals, including:

  • Middle management: Align operational decisions with cyber security best practices.
  • IT decision-makers: Bridge the gap between technical and strategic aspects of cyber security.
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners: Understand and safeguard your digital operations.
  • Non-technical professionals: Enhance your cyber security knowledge in roles where this understanding is increasingly vital.

Whether you are new to cyber security or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, this workshop provides valuable insights and skills.

Why choose our Cyber Security workshop?

This workshop is a comprehensive guide to understanding and managing digital threats, suitable for decision-makers across various sectors.

  • In-depth knowledge: Gain a thorough understanding of cyber security principles and strategies.
  • Two-day format: Comprehensive learning experience spread over two days for in-depth understanding.
  • Relevant for all sectors: Essential for any leader or executive, regardless of industry.
  • Skill enhancement: Improve your ability to develop and communicate effective cyber security strategies.


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