Dynamic Routing, Security and Network Services (CCNA3)

Online course Oct. 2024, Jan. 2025, Apr. 2025, Jul. 2025
10 weeks part time Instructor led

Advance your IT career in 10 weeks with our part-time Dynamic Routing, Security, and Network Services course—your focused path to mastering complex routing, network security, and automation.

Master complex routing and network security through our focused short-learning program. Our course in Dynamic Routing, Security, and Network Services provides you with the skills to confidently set up, manage, and troubleshoot enterprise networks. Additionally, it prepares you to address the increasing challenges of cybersecurity effectively.

The course covers key areas such as software-defined networking (SDN), network management tools, and application programming interfaces (APIs) for network automation—skills that enhance network security and your employability in the IT and networking sector.

About the course

The Dynamic Routing, Security, and Network Services (CCNA3) course is tailored to meet your needs. Gain hands-on skills in configuring enterprise routers and switches while learning essential network security measures like Access Control Lists (ACLs) and VPN setups. The course also covers current software-defined networking (SDN) trends and network automation through APIs. Upon completing this course, you’ll be skilled in safeguarding enterprise networks against emerging cybersecurity threats and become proficient in network automation, boosting your employability in the highly competitive IT sector.

  • Single Area OSPFv2 Concept and Configuration: Gain a foundational understanding of OSPF features and packet types, and learn how to configure essential elements like OSPFv2 router IDs and default route propagation in a single area.
  • Network Security: Examine key elements of cyber security, from identifying various threats and vulnerabilities to implementing best practices for network protection.
  • ACL Concepts and IPv4 Configuration: Learn the mechanics of Access Control Lists (ACLs), from filtering traffic to configuring standard and extended IPv4 ACLs.
  • NAT for IPv4: Understand the functions and types of Network Address Translation (NAT), its pros and cons, and how to configure static and dynamic NAT using the Command-Line Interface (CLI).
  • WAN Concepts: Explore the different types of Wide Area Networks (WANs), their operations, and the contrast between traditional and modern WAN connectivity.
  • QoS Concepts: Discover how Quality of Service (QoS) models manage data, voice, and video traffic, and understand the queuing algorithms used by networking devices.
  • Network Design and Management: Grasp how to design scalable networks, the hardware features of switches, and how to implement various network management tools like CDP, LLDP, NTP, SNMP, and syslog.
  • Network Virtualisation: Understand the significance of cloud computing, explore network device and service virtualisation, and learn the basics of software-defined networking (SDN).
  • Network Automation: Get introduced to network automation concepts, familiarise yourself with various data formats like JSON, YAML, and XML, and learn how APIs and REST enable computer-to-computer communications.

This course is aligned with Cisco’s globally recognised certification standards, providing academic preparation and professional readiness. Given the high demand for IT security skills in businesses, this course is a foundational step towards obtaining valuable certifications in the critical network and IT security field.

This is the third and last of three courses covering the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) curriculum. Upon completing the course, participants will be prepared to take the CCNA3 exam at the end of the course, and after finishing all three CCNA courses, the professional CCNA 200-301 Certification. Contact one of our test centres to arrange your certification exam.


Course Information


  • Remote: The course is remote instructor-led, so you can study from anywhere.
  • Campus: We also offer the option to attend the course on campus in Bergen or Oslo Campus startup pending registration numbers to meet the required threshold.

When: October 2024, January 2025, April 2025, July 2025.

Duration and extent: 10 weeks part-time

Weekly schedule: 2 synchronous online sessions (4 hours total). 2 hours of asynchronous practical activities. 4 hours self-study

Price: NOK 25.000,-


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