Dynamic Routing, Security and Network Services (CCNA 3)

Online course Upcoming
10 weeks part time Instructor led

Build your career in networking and IT security with this deeper look into routing, networking, security and automation.

IT security is important for any organization, to prevent unauthorized access to assets such as computers, networks, and data. The digital transformation, accelerated by Covid19, has increased the need for skilled IT and networking professionals.

Routers are key devices in the management of network traffic, not only in the local area network but also in the greater wide area networks spread across the globe. Configuring these devices requires not only consideration for which traffic should receive preference, but also on the related security aspects. Modern networks also need to incorporate aspects of virtualization and allow for a level of autonomy via network automation.

This bootcamp covers the third of three courses the Cisco CCNA 7 curriculum, and after completing the bootcamp you will be ready to take the globally recognized and respected CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification. If you want to pursue a career in CyberSecurity and give yourself a solid foundation within networking and IT security this 10-week bootcamp is for you.

About the course

This course describes the architecture, components, operations, and security to scale for large, complex networks, including wide area network (WAN) technologies. The course emphasizes network security concepts and introduces network virtualization and automation. Students learn how to configure, troubleshoot, and secure enterprise network devices and understand how application programming interfaces (API) and configuration management tools enable network automation.

This instructor-led course includes hands-on lab work, a wide array of assessment types and tools, and you will develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills using real equipment and Cisco Packet Tracer.

You will receive an international Cisco Networking Academy certificate upon completion of the course. After completing all three CCNA courses, you are ready to take the CCNA Certification.

This course will help you develop workforce readiness skills and build a foundation for success in IT security- and networking-related careers.

All our courses are designed to meet the industry´s needs and provide you with the skills that are required to succeed in your industry. Our highly qualified instructors and lecturers will help you get the full benefit from the course.


Course information

Where: The course is remote instructor-led, so you can study from anywhere.

When: Upcoming (Sign up to be contacted when course date is set)

Duration and extent: 10 weeks part-time

Weekly schedule: 2 synchronous online sessions (4 hours total). 2 hours of asynchronous practical activities. 4 hours self-study.

Price: NOK 25.000,-

What you will learn:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Configure single-area OSPFv2 in both point-to-point and multiaccess networks.
  • Explain how to mitigate threats and enhance network security using access control lists and security best practices.
  • Implement standard IPv4 ACLs to filter traffic and secure administrative access.
  • Configure NAT services on the edge router to provide IPv4 address scalability.
  • Explain techniques to provide address scalability and secure remote access for WANs.
  • Explain how to optimize, monitor, and troubleshoot scalable network architectures.
  • Explain how networking devices implement QoS.
  • Implement protocols to manage the network.
  • Explain how technologies such as virtualization, software-defined networking, and automation affect evolving networks.


Career opportunities: 

You can pursue a career in network and IT security. Examples of job titles: Network Administrator, Network Support Engineer, Network Engineer  


This is the third and last of three courses covering the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) curriculum. After completing all three courses (CCNA1, CCNA2 and CCNA3) you should be qualified to take the CCNA-exam. Contact one of our test centres to arrange your certification exam. 


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Email: accelerate(a)noroff.no


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