Remote/campus 08.04.2024
10 weeks full-time Instructor led

Don't just code— create. Transform your tech skills into a fulfilling career with our full-time 10-week accelerated learning programme covering Both Front-end with JavaScript and Back-end with .NET Technologies.

Our short learning programme sets you on the fast track to professional success in an industry where coding, server management, and responsive web design are key competencies.

Why choose .NET and JavaScript? These programming languages are fundamental building blocks of modern web development, powering countless websites and server-side applications. Our intensive course goes beyond basic coding tutorials, offering hands-on experience with the latest frameworks and tools for crafting secure, efficient web applications. Learn from seasoned instructors with extensive real-world experience in the tech industry. Our curriculum is tailored to meet industry demands, imparting you with immediately applicable skills.

About the course

Designed to equip you with both client-side and server-side expertise, this programme is structured into two main courses, culminating in a hands-on case project:

  • Week 1-3: Front-end Development with JavaScript, React, and Angular: This course is your gateway to mastering client-side programming, focusing on creating interactive and dynamic user experiences.
  • Week 4-6: Back-end Development with .NET Learn to build robust server-side applications, manage data, and implement security measures using .NET
  • Week 7-10: Collaborative Case Period: Collaborate with peers on a client brief during the final four weeks, applying your new skills in a simulated work environment.

Upon completion, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of modern web development technologies, positioning you as a competent full-stack developer. Whether you're an aspiring IT professional or someone looking to accelerate your career, this programme is for you.

  • The fundamentals of JavaScript, React with Redux and Next.js, as well as Angular for front-end development.
  • The fundamentals of .NET and C#, including object-oriented programming, object-oriented design and unit testing.
  • .NET technologies, including C# and ASP.NET Core.
  • Domain-Driven Design theory and its application to development with context of common architectures and patterns associated with it.
  • Datapersistensteknikker ved hjelp av Entity Framework.
  • To build RESTful services and APIs using ASP.NET Core.
  • To implement security measures using token-based authentication.

Front-end development course

This course covers the core components of front-end programming for web applications using JavaScript. The course consists of four modules:

  • JavaScript Fundamentals:fundamental HTML and CSS features, JavaScript fundamentals and Coding Constructs, OOD patterns and ES6 Abstractions. To prepare for this module, we recommend working through the self-study HTML and CSS content included in the preparation module.
  • Development with React: React JavaScript Framework, React Components and Router, Forms, State Management with Redux, Next.js Components and Router, and Next.js State management.
  • Development with Angular:Angular JavaScript Framework, Angular Components and Router, Angular Services, and Angular Forms.
  • Security: Integration of authentication and authorisation measures for web applications.

Back-end development with .NET course

This course covers the core components of back-end programming for Web applications with. NET. The course consists of four modules:

  • C# Fundamentals: Introduction to C# and .NET, Object-Oriented Programming, Unit Testing, Object-Oriented Design, Prominent C# Features.
  • Data Persistence:SQL with SQL Server, Data Access in C# with SqlClient and Domain-Driven-Design introduction(DDD), Entity Framework Core Configuration and Usage, Entity Framework Core in the context of DDD.
  • Web Server Development: Understanding HTTP and REST with Web APIs, Integration of EF Core, DTOs, and Automapper, Advanced API Design and Enterprise Patterns.
  • Deployment and Security: Secure deployment, Docker, Introduction to Web Security, Identity.

Collaborative case period

The collaborative case period is completed in teams during the last four weeks of the programme and reflects the skills acquired in the front-end and back-end courses. The capstone project challenges you to solve a development brief to acquire practical experience in a professional setting.

Basic computer literacy and coding are prerequisites for this bootcamp. As this is an intensive accelerated learning programme, prior programming or Information-Technology related knowledge is beneficial.


Course Information

  • Remote: The course is remote instructor-led, offering you the flexibility to learn from anywhere. 
  • Campus: We also offer the option to attend the course on campus in Bergen or Oslo Campus startup pending registration numbers to meet the required threshold.

When: 08.04.2024

Duration and extent: 10 weeks full-time | 08-16 Mon-Fri

Price: 69.000 NOK.

Accelerate courses are unaccredited and, therefore not eligible for loans and grants by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

Career opportunities

Proficiency in .NET and JavaScript technologies can open doors to a range of career paths, including Software Development, Web Development, Data Management, and IT Security.

Examples of Job Titles: .NET Full-Stack Developer, Web Application Developer, Backend .NET Developer, Front-end Developer, IT Security Specialist.


For any further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us.

We also offer the option to tailor courses to meet specific needs.

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