Back-end Development with Java (part-time)

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10 weeks part-time Instructor-led

Are you looking to boost your career by learning a new programming language?

 Java is one of the most established server-side languages in the world, running on billions of devices and being deeply integrated with all major platforms and technology companies. Learning Java is a step in the right direction if you intend to work with industry-leading technologies.

Use 10 weeks of your spare time to acquire Java skills that could be a big career door opener for you.

Noroff Accelerate provides fast-paced training using accelerated learning techniques developed by experts. We strive to give you the knowledge and skills the industry demands, helping you to boost your career.

About the course

The Java course introduces you to the fundamentals of web server development. You begin by exploring the language, the accompanying libraries, and how Java is compiled and run. The next step is to start using Java, in this case, you will focus on the fundamentals, managing data with collections and objects in a clean and testable way.

You will learn how to interact with databases through Java, eventually building up to using an object-relational mapping tool called Hibernate.  The next step will be to expose this data over the internet by creating RESTful Web APIs in the Spring Framework. You will not simply be creating APIs, you will learn about designing web servers to meet industry best practices, creating proper documentation for your APIs, securing these APIs using modern approaches, and finally deploying these secure APIs, via containers, to a cloud environment.

All our courses are designed to meet industry needs and provide you with the real-world skills needed to succeed. Our highly qualified instructors and lecturers keep a close eye on the ever-changing software development environment and use their own real-world industry experience to guide you towards becoming a more efficient, and knowledgeable developer.

This course is for those with basic or intermediate coding knowledge who wants to learn the back-end component of full-stack Web development. If you are an aspiring IT professional or a professional looking to accelerate your career, this course is for you.

Upon completion, you will have the fundamental working knowledge to use modern web technologies to build comprehensive web servers to serve modern web applications.

Course information

Where: The course is remote instructor-led, so you can study from anywhere.

When:  Upcoming

Duration and extent: 10 weeks part-time (60 hrs lecture, 60 hrs problem solving, 50 hrs self-study).

Weekly schedule: 3 sessions synchronous online (6 hours total). 3-6 hours of joint problem solving online. 5 hours self study.

Price: NOK 39.000,-

Accelerate courses are unaccredited and therefore not eligible for loans and grants by the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund.

What you will learn:

  • The fundamentals of the Java language.
  • How to design your codebase to be testable and maintainable.
  • How to use the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) API.
  • How to use Hibernate.
  • Create a robust RESTful Web API in the Spring Framework.
  • Secure Web APIs using modern approaches.
  • Deploy Web APIs to a cloud environment with containers.

Recommended prerequisites:

Knowledge of Object-Oriented programming (OOP) and Structured Query Language (SQL

Career opportunities: 

Examples of job titles for people skilled in Java include: Java Developer, Software Engineer, Java Microservices Developer, Java Full Stack Developer.


The course is a good start if you want to be qualified to take the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)- or

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)-exams. You can explore the curriculum further here: OCA - OCP



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