Accelerate your business by improving the skills of your workforce

To succeed in any industry, you need a workforce with the right skills and continues learning. We provide tailor-made programs helping you to up-skill your workforce.

In most industries a skilled workforce is a necessity. Providing your workers with further training, education and new opportunities to expand their skill-set is to invest in the success of your business.

An IBM report stated: “By 2030, the global talent shortage could reach more than 85 million people. To be clear, the issue is not a shortage of workers — but a shortage of workers with the right skills.”

To succeed in competitive industries, you need a skilled workforce, and the skills required today will probably not cut it in the future.

Investing in your employees will improve your business chances of ongoing success and also help build a positive working relationship with your staff. Train them to retain them.

Take your team to bootcamp and close the skills gap

Noroff Accelerate specializes in providing fast paced learning of in-demand skills, allowing you to upskill your workforce in an effective way.

We can help you close the skills gap in your business by creating tailor-made programs for you. We have years of experience helping organizations provide their workers with the knowledge and skills they need.

We can provide anything from a focused bootcamp, to running your onboarding or continues learning, like we do with a huge player like Experis (part of the Manpower Group). We run the Experis Academy, offering programs designed to give the candidates in-demand tech skills.

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