3D Game Design

Become a 3D game designer and learn to develop creative and interactive game content and gamification for multiple industries. The study program provides unique insight into development processes, from idea to launch-ready products.

The first year of 3D game and design is identical to 3D Design and Animation. You can still apply directly to this two year study program.

You start by learning game principals and techniques. Through the program you have the opportunity to find out what role you thrive most in and where you believe your niche is. Finally, at the end of the program you will get the opportunity to create your own game prototype.

Concept Development

The first steps in the developmental process are to create concept drawings and produce designs for games. During concept development you will take what you have learned and create your first dream world. Through this you gain insight into multiple game mechanics, design strategies and principals for the construction of gaming characters.

Thomas Silva
I find studying at Noroff motivating. The teachers are experts in mentoring, and skilled on an industrial level. Thomas Silva, student

Level Design and Scripting

Level design is about creating playable levels and surroundings. It combines game concept and technical skills along with architecture, nature and art.

The students will gain knowledge about the basic working methods of scripting. Scripting sets the groundwork for gameplay, which includes AI and game character framework.

Students receive a thorough introduction to the game engine, Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is one of the best tools on the market for game development.

Gaming Industry and Development

This part of the program provides insight into the history of the gaming industry. The gaming industry has evolved from the first squares slowly bouncing back and forth on a screen, to today’s futuristic portrayals.

Here are some examples of some 3D games students have worked on:

Aim of Study

By the end of the course the student should be able to create and animate characters and objects in a professional manner. Also, they will be able to put them into a virtual environment. The student will have an understanding of the various tasks related to game development. They will be able to work with concepts, graphics, design and scripting

Gunnar Kvesetberget Hagen
I think the study program is professional and vocational, with a lot of practical work and opportunities to work out in the industry.Gunnar Kvesetberget Hagen, former student

Job Opportunities

As a 3D game designer you will have many great career opportunities in the gaming industry. Our 3D studies are creative, technical and innovative. The studies provide expertise so that you can use what you learned in other industries. For instance, 3D designers can visualize products for the industrial sector. Another example is that within the advertising industry, 3D designers create ads for print, television and movies. Also, they create animation for websites.

Further Studies

After completing two years with Noroff at vocational school you have the opportunity to seek a supplemental concurrent bachelor degree at Noroff University College. Also, you can take a one-year bachelor degree as Teesside University in England or Deakin University in Australia.

Students who are taking bachelor`s degrees have the opportunity to apply for further graduate study.

Student work

Student work: Thomas Silva


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Program information

Next startup:

12 March 2024 - online
12 August 2024 - campus
13 August 2024 - online
15 October 2024 - online
7 January 2025 - online
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Campuses: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Online Studies
Duration: 2 years full time*
4 years part time (online only)
English online.
Norwegian on campus
Price online:

EUR 4.200,- per semester full time
EUR 2.100,- per semester part time

Price on-campus:

EUR 6.100,- per semester.
EUR 190,- admission fee.

Admission requirements: Admission by formal competence or admission by prior learning. Read more.
Approvals: Approved for loans and grants from the State Educational Loan Fund. Accredited by NOKUT.
Degree: Higher Professional Degree
Credits: 120 ECVET

* A student who has completed 3D Design and Animation, can apply directly into the second year.

Lecturing staff

Kevin Fosse

Vocational teacher, Bergen

Tommy Thorseth

Vocational teacher, Bergen

David Froholt

Vocational teacher, Kristiansand

Jani Mattinen

Vocational teacher, Stavanger and Online Studies

Kristian Foshaug

Vocational teacher, Online Studies
Ann Kristin Bjørling

Ann Kristin Bjørling

Vocational teacher, Online Studies
Magnus Grønningen

Magnus Grønningen

Vocational teacher, Oslo


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