Semester start

This page contains detailed information regarding semester start.

Noroff Online Studies have four startups per year for Vocational programs; January, March, August and October. Bachelor programs start in August.

Online Vocational Studies

Next start-up for Online Vocational Studies is Tuesday, August 16, 2022. Then there is a new start-up on Tuesday, October 18, 2022, a new one on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, and another Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

Attendance time will be sent to you via email or text before the startup.

The schedule and curriculum will be available during enrollment week.

Online University College Studies

For the Online Bachelor Programs, there will be a joint startup on Monday August 15, 2022. You will receive an email with more details a few days before the startup.

The first week is an introduction week. The goal of the introduction week is getting to know your study program, so you get an understanding of how the learning platform works before you take on greater assignments and lessons. You will get to know the curriculum, how the weekly access works, and learn how to deliver assignments. You will also get to try the forum and see who your fellow online students are.

The schedule and curriculum will be available during enrollment week.

Welcome to semester start at Noroff Kristiansand on Monday August 16th!

During Buddy Week, you will get to know your fellow students and the city of Kristiansand.

Registration is on Monday August 16th at 10:00 AM at our new campus in Tordenskjoldsgate 9. You will be welcomed by the buddies and the staff. Campus will be open from 9:00 AM, so please be early. Practical information about registration as well as information about the student activities for the week will be provided. 

Buddy Week

Monday August 16

10.00: Welcome to Noroff Kristiansand.

11.00: Dividing into buddy groups and tour of campus.

12.00: Lunch is served in the cafeteria.

13.00 - 16.00: Treasure hunt in the city. The buddy groups form teams. The best team will be awarded.

17.00 - 21.00: Buddy party at campus, with an award show and pub quiz.

Tuesday August 17

10.00: Day of information for the first year students, with practical and program specific information.

16.00 - 21.00: Buddy group activities

Wednesday August 18

10.00: Day of information for the third year students, with practical and program specific information.

17.00 - 21.00: Pub quiz on campus

Thursday August 19

10.00: Day of information for the second year students, with practical and program specific information.

16.00 - 21.00: Buddy group activities

Friday August 20

17.00 - 21.00: Movie night on campus


The cafeteria will be open throughout the week, with special prices for the students.

August 16: Wraps (lunch) - Chicken in Vietnamese curry (dinner)

August 17: Baguettes (lunch)

August 18: Fried rice (lunch) - Pasta with chicken meat balls (dinner)

August 19: Fried noodles (lunch)

August 20: Soup (lunch) - Pizza and popcorn (dinner)

Lunch is 45 kr and dinner is 65 kr.


We look forward to meeting all of you!

Where to find us

Tordenskjolds gate 9, 4612 Kristiansand S, Norway
(+47) 38 00 00 00

We welcome all students to Noroff campus Oslo, Monday August 16th.

Registration day you will find the reception on the 1st floor, Mølleparken 4. Due to restrictions and infection control, the queue will extend to the outside of the building – to increase the distance between each student.

1 year: Please use the entrance downstairs
2 and 3 year: Please use the entrance on the 6th floor.  

To avoid crowded queues, we ask that you use the stairs instead of the elevator inside the building.

What happens on registration day?

  • Reception: Register attendance both so you can access our learning platform and to report to Lånekassen. Please remember to bring a valid ID. MARK! Only the students that have prefilled out the form sent out via sms has ordered a student ID/access card. This can be collected at reception the 16th. If you have not filled out this form you will not be given a card this day.
  • Classrooms: introduction of your teacher(-s) and you will receive more information about the semester. For 2nd year: The teachers will register attendance and report to admin for your study loan at Lånekassen.

What do you need to bring for registration day?

  • Valid ID
  • Lunch and something to keep you hydrated
  • Mind the weather when you get dressed this day if you are attending the Buddy Week. You may want to bring a blanket to stay warm for outside activities.

Buddy Week - NorOn

Buddy Week is the fun part of Enrollment Week for campus students, and it is all about having fun, getting to know your new fellow students and making new friends. Buddy week is organized by second-year students and is happening through next week. 

Where to find us

First day attendance

If you are eligible for financial support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen), you must be registered as attended on the first day of the semester.

If you are unable to attend the first day, please contact us. To online students, logging in on the first day will register the student as attended.

Read more about payments, loans and grants.