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Tutor, 3D Art and Games Technology
Online Studies
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Miscellaneous Information:

David is a tutor in Interactive Media at Noroff University College. He has 14 years of experience doing 3D, and has been a teacher of 3D design and Animation since 2006. He studied at Noroff Kristiansand for two years where he specialized in animation. In addition, David has been deeply involved in the use of the motion capture system, both as a student and a staff member, since Noroff acquired it back in 2005. Today he is Noroff’s most qualified in the field of motion capture.

In his spare time, David likes to airborne, and he is currently working on his private pilot’s license. When he finishes his pilot education he’ll be more than happy to take eager students for a sightseeing trip around the southern coast.

David has been involved in computers ever since he got access to a Commodore 64 back in the late days of the 80s. After this he developed a burning interest for the Commodore Amiga, a computer system he’ll still use it from time to time if he feels nostalgic. David’s time in front of a computer has, for the most of the time, been devoted to gaming. He has since early childhood been interested in how games can spread joy and interactive narrative to its audience. This was a deciding factor when he chose his career.