3D Design and Animation

Become a 3D designer and create photo-realistic visualizations, environments and animations. Learn to give life to games and movies, and create 3D images of products and constructions for multiple industries.

As a 3D designer you will use programs and computer design skills to create convincing images. 3D pictures and animations can have many different purposes in creative and technical companies. Whatever their use, the creation process is the same.

Modeling 3D figures

A 3D designer is an artist who works with digital tools instead of with physical materials. During the creation process, you will make models of different objects; architecture, interior design or fantasy characters that can be manipulated and animated.

Iselin Davø Fredriksen
You will meet dedicated teachers who go out of their way to ensure you succeed with your studies and in your future career.Iselin Davø Fredriksen, student

Preparation for the workplace

Working in 3D requires a combination of both technical and artistic skills. Noroff therefore will encourage and support the development of design skills and experience in the use of technical tools.

The tasks and working methods used in the 3D design and animation course are designed to be as similar as possible to realistic work situations. In this way you will be well prepared for future employment.

Here are some examples of what previous Noroff 3D students are currently working with:

Course objectives

On completion of the course at Noroff, you will be able to plan 3D projects, predict challenges and solve problems in a constructive way. You will also be able to create and deliver consistently high standard quality products.

You will be able to create figures and objects in a realistic way and create systems to animate them. After animating a character, illumination is used to create an atmosphere. The end product will be either a film clip or a still picture.

  • Modeling, texturing and lighting 1
  • Modeling, texturing and lighting 2
  • Modeling, texturing and lighting 3
  • Modeling, texturing and lighting 4
  • Visual effects
  • Concepts 1
  • Portfolio 1
  • Animation
  • Character animation 1
  • Character rigging
  • 3D character design
  • Character animation 2
  • Student project
  • Portfolio 2
  • Portfolio 3
  • a broad knowledge of the concepts and processes used in modeling, texturing and rendering
  • knowledge of the twelve animation principles
  • indepth knowledge of 3D tools used in 3D design and animation
  • insight into relevant and standardized working methods in terms of planning, preparation and completion of various tasks in 3D graphics
  • insight into the regulations for incorporation, use and publication of materials from a third party manufacturer
  • industry knowledge about the 3D industry and knowledge of the professional field
  • update your vocational knowledge in 3D design and animation
  • understand 3D industry's importance in a social and value creation perspective
  • apply professional knowledge in analysing a client’s brief and create a plan for implementing the production of the product
  • apply scientific knowledge to recreate illustrations or real objects virtually through modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering in a 3D program
  • apply relevant tools to character and object animation so that they move in a believable way
  • find information and content that is relevant for the area of 3D and animation by having knowledge of the industry and using other resources such as literature and online forums
  • identify a situation and professional challenges in all phases of a 3D production, devise and implement practical solutions
  • understand occupational and industry ethical principles to credit third parties and check the legality of using third-party tools in a concrete production
  • develop an ethical attitude in the exercise of the profession and understanding of the importance of keeping appointments, deadlines and budgets
  • carry out a task after identifying a target group’s needs in the area of 3D design and animation
  • build relationships and network with colleagues and other stakeholders in neighboring creative disciplines in order to solve more comprehensive projects
  • develop working methods based on a comprehensive understanding of the work process and the relationship between different areas
Mikael Andre Larsen
It is a good environment and dedicated teachers with industry knowledge. Here you can learn a great deal over the course of a year.Mikael Andre Larsen, student

Career opportunities

There are many career opportunities for a skilled 3D designer in both the games and entertainment industry. In recent times we have seen that 3D designers work in a wide variety of industries.

3D designers can visualize products for the industry sector, for example, engineering, sales, production and training. 3D printing is also beginning to have a foothold in the market.

As part of advertising, 3D designers create adverts for printing, animations for websites or adverts for TV and the cinema.

Further studies

The majority who study 3D design and animation choose to study further on one of our two year courses – 3D Game Design or 3D Film production. After two years at Noroff Vocational School, you may apply for a two year top-up program to obtain a Bachelor’s degree at Noroff University College or take your degree abroad at Teeside University in England, Deakin University in Australia or the University of South Wales.


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Program information

Next startup:

12 March 2024 - online
12 August 2024 - campus
13 August 2024 - online
15 October 2024 - online
7 January 2025 - online
Read more about semester start.

Campus: Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Online Studies
Duration: 1 year full time
2 years part time (online only)
English online.
Norwegian on campus
Price online:

EUR 4.200,- per semester full time
EUR 2.100,- per semester part time

Price on-campus:

EUR 6.100,- per semester.
EUR 190,- admission fee.

Admission requirements: Admission by formal competence or admission by prior learning. Read more.
Approvals: Approved for loans and grants from the State Educational Loan Fund. Accredited by NOKUT.
Degree: Professional Degree
Credits: 60 ECVET

Lecturing staff

Kevin Fosse

Vocational teacher, Bergen

David Froholt

Vocational teacher, Kristiansand

Kristian Foshaug

Vocational teacher, Online Studies
Paul Martin Tangen

Paul Martin Tangen

Vocational teacher, Online Studies

Jani Mattinen

Vocational teacher, Stavanger and Online Studies
Mia Skåre

Mia Skåre

Vocational teacher, Oslo
Urszula Czyz

Urszula Czyz

Vocational teacher, Stavanger

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