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Vocational teacher, 3D Game Design
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Miscellaneous Information:

Tommy is a nerd, and proud of it! He has a long experience in Noroff, and has been teaching 3D Design and Game Design since 2006. Tommy has the role of study leader for the Games Design-program, and is also a board member of Noroff vocational school.

Tommy has a broad media education from Monash University in Melbourne, where he specializes in real-time rendering of 3D graphics. He is particularly interested in interactive use of 3D graphics and thinks it is very exciting to work in a creative and technological field in such rapid development. Tommy has a degree in pedagogy from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, where he researched creativity and how best to facilitate the learning of creativity.

In a sector of strong growth, it is important to keep up with developments. Currently, new technologies in Virtual and Augmented Reality are of particular interest to Tommy. As academically responsible, in collaboration with the industry, he has developed study-plans for a 2-year program in XR development, a field he has great faith that will explode in the near future.