Admission requirements

Admission by formal competence (general admission)

Admission to Noroff studies requires a general education through successful completion of a three-year upper secondary education or a vocational education certificate. A specific study may require that an entrance examination be completed and passed.

Math R1 (2MX), or S1 and S2 is required for admission to the Bachelor of Digital Forensics. (Not required for mature students - over 25 - with relevant work experience.) A free online course is offered by Noroff University College for those who do not have this qualification. Read how to sign up here.

Admission by prior learning

For those who do not meet the formal admission requirements, there is still the opportunity to apply for admission on the basis of prior learning. This is based on an individual assessment with specific guidelines.

Admission to Noroff University College based on prior learning

Even though you do not meet the requirements for general admission, you may apply for admission on the basis of prior learning if you are at least 25 years old in the year when the application is submitted, or have work experience or education that can compensate for the requirement of general admission.

Prior learning, and/or prior experience, is an alternative way to gain admission to higher education, even if you do not meet the requirements for general admission. You must have the competance equivalent to an education programme that can compensate for not fulfilling the regular admission requirements. Examples of prior learning can be paid or unpaid work, education or work experience.

The deadline to apply on the basis of prior learning is March 1.

Select Prior learning / experience as an option on your application form

After completing and submitting the application, make sure to upload the following documentation as attachments to your application:

  1. Motivation letter for why you are applying for study
  2. Declarations why you think you can complete the program
  3. Documentation of your competence/experience

Admission to Noroff Vocational School based on prior learning

  1. Applicants who wish to be considered on the basis of prior learning, must have a minimum age that corresponds to the normal age for completing appropriate secondary education.
  2. Minimum requirements for assessment of prior learning are satisfactory skills in both Norwegian and English. This should correspond to the Norwegian and English Vg1 (secondary school first year studies), the Norwegian and English Vg2 (secondary school second year in a vocational education) or alternatively having taken the a test in Norwegian higher level. Scandinavians will need to have passed similiar programs in their own language.
  3. Applicants will also be evaluated on the basis of the information they provide in the application text. It is important that applicants can account for why they are applying to the study, and why they think they will be able to complete it. If they have skills that can not be documented, this may also be explained in the application text.
  4. All work experience, education and other factors which provide a basis for admission must be documented with certified copies. Attestation of work experience must specify the length of the working conditions, workload and work content.

Redirection of documentation

Applicants are welcome to apply to Noroff before all the subjects in secondary school (or high school) are completed and passed. You can then add the final grades from the last available term settlement as an attachment to your application, and upload the final diploma as soon as this becomes available.

Guidance call

Applicants for Noroff are offered a guidance interview with an academic advisor or supervisor. This is an opportunity to introduce yourself and to demonstrate your motivation for studying in your chosen study program. You are welcome to visit the campus and take a tour of the facilities.