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Assistant Professor, Interactive media / Vocational Teacher, 3D Game Design
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Miscellaneous Information:

Georg has a BA (Hons) in Games art, and a MA in Animation and VFX from Teesside University, and later became a regular lecturer at Teesside both at Undergraduate and Post-Graduate levels.

Georg is a games developer, technical artist and a creative director of two game companies. He has been contracted as a game developer on a range of titles and platforms, from low budget (indie) to high budget (AAA). He is highly proficient in a wide range of games development software and development pipelines on PC, Console and mobile gaming platforms.

He is a creative person and have worked closely with clients developing new IP, concepts and workflows, which means he has a great understanding of current industry trends.

Georg has a focus on high end research mainly in the 3d production pipeline and has been involved on a wide range of research projects, continuing this research profile at Noroff University College. He also inspires to use the games medium for something other than entertainment where his focus has been games for the greater good, with a focus on social awareness games and media with the intended goal of raising awareness of social issues, and generate funds for charity.