Rukhsar (24) completed the boot camp "Frontend development with JavaScript" while working as a teacher. She is confident that her new skills will open new doors in working life.


- I signed up for the boot camp to increase my knowledge and interest in front-end development. I had programmed something in my education, and this boot camp seemed like a good opportunity to start with front-end development, says Rukhsar Naeem.

The 24-year-old from Lorenskog, a suburb of Oslo, has just finished the ten-week online boot camp "Frontend development with JavaScript". Now she is looking forward to using her new knowledge.

- I have gained a good basic understanding of front-end web development, I can do well to create my own website, code with javascript, and use the (framework) React, she says.

- I am sure that this competence will open up many new opportunities for me in working life.

We got a taste of what we can expect in working life as front-end developers. For me, that was an important reason why I wanted to take this course.Rukhsar Naeem

10 educational weeks

Rukhsar has a bachelor's degree in Mathematics with Informatics, with a specialization in data analysis and statistics. In recent years she has worked as a teacher and in a clothing store.

She says she was excited about what boot camp life would be like.

- I expected it to be intense, but also exciting. Since it only lasted ten weeks and the syllabus was vast, I was a little unsure about how much I could learn in such a short time.

After a successful boot camp, Rukhsar can look back with joy on ten eventful and educational weeks, where she gained her first experience with the "Accelerate method".

- It was ten knowledgeable weeks, where we went thoroughly through everything. We also did tasks related to the real world, to get a taste of what we can expect in working life as front-end developers. For me, that was an important reason why wanted to take this course, she says.

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Combining boot camp and work

The Accelerate boot camps are designed to be flexible, enabling you to learn while working full time. Rukhsar combined boot camp life with her job as a teacher.

- It went incredibly well (combining it with work) as everything was online, and all the lectures were recorded so that you could look at them when it suited you, she says.

Rukhsar cites the good follow-up and help from the Accelerate lecturer as a key to her getting such a benefit from the boot camp.

- This was one of my best experiences with a lecturer. He paid attention and showed understanding for my (lack of) background in programming, and he set aside time whenever I needed help. He was always available to answer my questions and to have a one-to-one conversation with me if needed. He was also incredibly good at sharing his knowledge and he motivated me throughout the course, she says.

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