Noroff Accelerate delivers efficient, flexible courses that give your company the digital expertise it needs.

The global skills gap in technology means that many companies are struggling to acquire the skills they need to develop. A survey from PWC shows that 74 percent of top managers are concerned about the availability of key skills.

The digital transformation, accelerated through Covic19, has led to a further increase in demand for tech skills. Some need cutting-edge expertise in, for example, web development or cyber security, while others need more basic digital skills.

As a business leader, you have the choice between recruiting new employees or you can invest in the people you already have.

By encouraging employees to develop new skills, they can become more productive in the job they have today (upskilling), or be able to fill new roles in the company (reskilling).

Accelerate can help you effectively Upskill or Reskill your workforce.


Why Accelerate?


- We develop all our courses in close dialogue with the industry, to give the participants the skills they need in working life.


- Your employees can complete our courses in addition to full-time work. The courses are conducted online, and they are flexible so that the participants can adapt them to their everyday life.


- Our bootcamps last ten weeks, and participants must expect to work 10-15 hours a week. Through a practical approach, good follow-up, and modern learning methods, we ensure maximum learning benefits during the bootcamp.


- The cost of recruiting new employees (and possibly getting rid of employees with outdated skills) will in most cases be far more expensive than increasing the skills of the company's current employees.


- People like to develop. Encouraging your employees to develop new skills and build their competence will contribute to increased well-being and loyalty. It will also make the company more attractive to new employees.


Our courses

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We develop and launch new courses continuously. We can also offer tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of your company.

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