Helge Jørgensen quit his job to found a new tech company, just as the Covid19 pandemic started. After attending the bootcamp “Programming with Python” the CEO is now able to work both smarter and more effectively. 

- I gained a better understanding of programming. I will definitely be able to work smarter and more effectively, and I also understand the extensive opportunities that Python gives us, said Jørgensen.

He is sure the knowledge and Python programming skills he gained during the bootcamp will make a great difference in his job as CEO at 7Analytics.

- In the end, it is all about becoming better at what we do. That means we must continue learning and educate ourselves.

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Quit his job in the middle of the pandemic

It was a great experience. I got a lot of guidance and feedback from our instructor throughout the course. Helge Jørgensen

When the Covid19 pandemic led to a complete lockdown of Norway, and most parts of Europe, in March 2020, a lot of people lost their job or were temporarily laid off.

Helge Jørgensen chose to quit his job, to pursue a dream of founding his own business. He is now the co-founder and one of four owners of 7Analytics, a Norwegian based company that is building a data platform for sustainable planning of the future.

- Our goal is to automate and streamline modeling processes. We chose Python as our programming language. We develop algorithms and programs, and I am very hands-on in the development of our products, Jørgensen said.

- We decided to go all-in when we had the opportunity. It has been a challenging year, but we managed to get through it. Now we are ready to continue building the company.

Among their product is the FloodCube. Climate changes are expected to lead to more intense rainfall, and sustainable planning of stormwater management is crucial to avoid potentially huge damage. By utilizing advanced modeling and AI the FloodCube can calculate surface water today and into the future. Their clients range from city planners, consultants, insurance companies, and municipalities.

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No programming background

Jørgensen has a Masters degree in Geology, but had no prior education or work experience in programming. He had gained some knowledge of coding through self-learning, something he describes as “an extremely time-consuming process”. He realized he needed to learn the fundamentals of programming to gain a better understanding. Noroff Accelerates´ “Programming with Python” bootcamp was a perfect fit for him.

- I have been playing around with coding, but my background is in geology. I attended the bootcamp to learn the fundamentals of coding and programming, he said.

He describes the ten-week, part-time bootcamp as both demanding and educational.

- I knew it would be quite demanding as my goal was to learn as much as possible during those then weeks. I feel I learned a lot, and our final project is something I will continue working on as it relates to my job, he said.

How will you describe the bootcamp experience?

- It was a great experience. I got a lot of guidance and feedback from our instructor throughout the course. We got thorough training in the fundamentals of Python, which was important to develop my programming skills. I now have a better understanding of the features in Python and what possibilities it gives us.

He explains that the flexibility of the online-bootcamp was key for him to succeed.

- I would never be able to do this if the course was held in a classroom at a set time. I adjusted the learning to fit my schedule. If I couldn't find time to attend the live schedules I just watched the recording after work, Jørgensen said.

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