Madeleine is studying video marketing in social media and has already secured a relevant job at the event and communications agency Macsimum.

– I have always been interested in communication and using stories to convey an important message. What better than to study video marketing in social media? asks Madeleine Josefine Øksnes (38) with a smile.

She is pursuing the creative vocational education online, studying part-time. She chose this education based on her own interests but also with an eye on the future job market.

– It is a very timely program that fills a significant need in the market, and video competence is highly sought after by employers. It's exciting to gain knowledge about how to create video content tailored to different platforms and how to get people to watch the videos, she says.

The study has already opened doors for Madeleine to exciting job opportunities.

– I recently made a very exciting job switch, where I started in a highly relevant position as a project manager at the event and communications agency Macsimum. I work full-time here alongside my studies, she says.

Flexible Study Routine

As a mother of two working full-time, she finds that part-time online studies are perfect to combine with other commitments in her daily life, providing great flexibility.

It is a highly relevant study program that meets a significant demand in the market.Madeleine Josefine Øksnes

– It allows me to study when it suits me, which is very convenient. I often study on weekends and evenings but also try to take two evenings off each week. Part-time, we have submissions every other week, which must be handed in to get the module approved. I usually read these as soon as I get the assignment so I can structure the next two weeks accordingly, she says, adding:

– It requires quite a bit of structure and planning to make it work, and one must be disciplined and set aside time for the work itself. Bi-weekly submissions make you feel progress while still allowing you to work at your own pace.

– Applying Everything I Learn in My Studies

Madeleine has developed good connections with both classmates and instructors, experiencing excellent support and assistance with her assignments.

– We have a small Facebook group where we can ask each other questions about what we're working on. The instructor also always provides written feedback on the assignments submitted, which is helpful for progress. The instructor is very friendly and always responds to questions I send, she says.

She shares that she finds what she learns very relevant to her current job.

– I truly get to apply everything I learn in this study to my position, she smiles.

Video Marketing in Social Media s a one-year program focusing on providing students with practical and applicable skills. The study is offered online, and the next start date is 15th of March.

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