Ole (39) has chosen to study two interconnected fields, namely digital marketing and video marketing in social media. Even before completing his studies, he has secured a job as a video journalist at the local newspaper.

For several years, Ole Kaldal-Key has been involved in digital content production, including live broadcasts of events.

When the pandemic hit in 2019, he decided to return to school at the age of 37. Initially, he chose digital marketing, followed by a year of online studies in video marketing in social media.

He selected these fields of study because they complement each other and provide a solid foundation to meet the demands of the current market.

I also set up a sole proprietorship where I applied what I learned in the study. This resulted in a solid portfolio that gave me many assignments during my study period, he says.

– Online Studies Have Been My Salvation

Ole had contemplated returning to the classroom for a while, but several factors made it challenging for him.

When I came across online studies at Noroff, it was like it was tailor-made for me.Ole Kaldal-Key

I was at the time a single father, having my daughter every other week. When I came across online studies at Noroff, it was like it was tailor-made for me.

He continues:

Online studies have been my salvation. I couldn't sit still in the classroom when I was little and became restless quickly. As an online student, I have the opportunity to take my laptop and sit down at a café, a bench in the sun, or another place. I have the ability to vary the days when I am restless, and that has been a luxury. It has also helped my inspiration and motivation to study, Ole explains.

Studying online has worked very well for Ole. He mentions that it allowed him to set up his own routines, treating the studies like a job. This approach has also aided the 39-year-old in returning to the workforce.

As an online student, you must be incredibly disciplined and organized, while working independently to deliver something you are satisfied with.

Ole describes the online student experience as hectic. As a student in video marketing, he must deliver high-quality videos in a very short time.

This is a work pace that may seem overwhelming to many, but with good routines and discipline, it works quite well. This is something that has also helped me in my current job, where I have to produce three to four videos every day, he adds.

Ole runs a YouTube channel where he shares videos he has produced.

Taking the Leap into the Unknown

The 39-year-old landed the job as a video journalist through a stroke of luck. The local newspaper Raumnes was in search of a video journalist, and Ole received the job posting in his inbox through an acquaintance.

After reading the job advertisement, I was sure that this was a position that would suit me. They were looking for someone who could produce videos, work independently in a hectic work environment, but also collaborate with others. In a newsroom, there's a high pace at different times of the day, he says.

I had some expertise in this area already, but thanks to online studies, I've gained a lot of academic enrichment.Ole Kaldal-Key

He explains that they were also keen on hiring someone with the right technical skills related to photo and video equipment, livestreaming, and post-production video and photo processing.

I had some expertise in this area already, but thanks to online studies, I've gained a lot of academic enrichment. I've built a strong portfolio through the assignments in my studies and was ready to step into the workforce.

Do you have any advice for others looking for a job relevant to their studies?

Don't be afraid to venture into the unknown. Journalism was completely unfamiliar to me, a new world to work in, he adds.

He emphasizes that video marketing and video journalism are, in many ways, the same. It's about creating a compelling story to entice readers to click on the article and video, much like what he learned in his video marketing studies.

Has Been a Win-win

Ole doesn't hide the fact that combining work and studies has been busy. He believes it's essential to be honest in a job interview and have a good dialogue with the employer.

Choose an employer who is willing to invest in you and allows you to use work hours for studying, but you must also be honest with yourself and prioritize correctly.

He admits that if he were to choose again, he might have waited to apply for a job until he finished his exams, but at the same time, he's glad he applied for the job and got it. Ole produces a lot of content for the local newspaper that he can use for exams and assignments, so it has been a win-win situation.

I chose to get married this summer, so I had wedding planning, exam preparations, and a new job. It's been hectic, and I've gained some gray hairs in the beard, he jokes.

He adds that he wouldn't have it any other way. He has experienced that his teacher in the program has been very understanding, and he has received good help from Noroff when he needed it.

Student work from Ole's channel

Video Marketing in Social Media and Digital Marketing has the next start on January 9th, 2024, online.

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