Noroff student's film began production in August of this year, with assistance from the production company Rollo Tomasi.

 – We actually started the application to the Norwegian Film Institute in the spring of 2020 by creating a very well-planned production portfolio, says Brandon Armand Austria (21).

He has studied film production at Noroff Campus Oslo, a two-year program covering all processes related to filmmaking. Originally, the project with the film, titled "Low Life," was supposed to be Brandon's exam project, but due to the pandemic, he never got to shoot it.

– What played a major role in why the production portfolio turned out so well, is the pandemic. Since we weren't allowed to go for shoots, we documented absolutely everything we could think of. Therefore, we had most things ready when I got in touch with the production company Rollo Tomasi, he explains.

If you want to excel, it's important to put in the hours for it.Brandon Armand Austria

Low Life is about a boxer who is about to have his big debut fight. The night before the big match, he meets his childhood friends, who pull him back into an environment he has tried to leave behind. The film started production in mid-August, with shooting scheduled for October.

– The film is produced by Noroff, Rollo Tomasi, and Yeventa. Rollo Tomasi is a production company I got in touch with when my examiner at Noroff kindly recommended me to them. Yeventa is a production company I started with two former classmates from Noroff, says Brandon.

Poster for Low Life. Photo: Mattis Skjelving

Building a Network During Studies

In the film production program, students specialize as producers, directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, or editors, working with the same equipment as the film industry. Brandon found that during his studies, the instructors encouraged him to find his own voice.

– The instructors have always encouraged me to follow my own narrative voice. They don't always agree, but that's when you are responsible for running your own race. Noroff has also given me better skills and a deeper understanding of what it means to make a film, while also providing me with the opportunity to start building a network, he says.

– What would you say to those considering applying for the same program as you?

– The program is, in many ways, what you make of it, and if your intention is to study something you like and perhaps make some new friends with common interests, Noroff is a good place for that. On the other hand, the instructors will always take you seriously if you show up and say that you really want to excel in this. If you want to excel, it's important to put in the hours for it, concludes the 21-year-old.

Film production is offered at the campuses in Oslo and Bergen. You can read more about the program here.

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