Technical Design with CAD 2D/3D

Practical one-year education in technical design, where you learn to draw, model and visualize buildings and modern constructions within BIM, product design and digital prototyping.

Computer Aided Design

CAD, or Computer-Aided Design, is a discipline that requires you to master the software and technology. During the course we work with customized software to enable you to achieve and experience as much as possible. The transition from traditional 2D drawings to 3D models and focus on visualization has led to an increase in the demand of skilled professionals in this field.

Tine Torgersen
This education has made me a lot more confident working with quality assurance in construction. Tine Torgersen, former student

Product design and Building Information Models (BIM)

The program provides expertise in creating construction drawings complete with floor plans, as well as designing products either for prototyping or optimization. The course also emphasizes a portfolio of materials that can be used as part of a a job application process. Many of our students take this course as a further study option, while others use it as a preparation for architectural or engineering studies.

Work with 3D modelling

The program includes 2D plan design, 3D modelling and visualisation. You will learn to use modern and professional updated tools and techniques. The course uses student software from Autodesk, the world’s leading manufacturer of CAD systems.

Teknisk design med DAK 2D/3D

Program structure

On completing the course, you will have expertise in basic design principles, universal design, overall user experience and technical solutions that fulfil today’s needs. You will also be able to plan drawings and models, predict challenges and solve problems in a constructive way. You will be able to create and deliver good quality products, drawings and models of buildings and constructions in close collaboration with architects, engineers and builders.

Course content in technical design with CAD 2D/3D:

  • Basic 2D/3D
  • Visualisation 1
  • Project tasks
  • Product design
  • Building information models
  • Visualisation 2
  • CAD project
  • Project exam
  • knowledge of standardized terms and expressions within technical design for planning, analysis, production, documentation, file sharing, visualization and follow up work
  • knowledge of the tools used in production, modification and maintenance of technical drawings, models and documents, as well as the preparation of presentation materials in terms of image and video files
  • knowledge of processes relevant to developing ideas, planning and design of plans and schematic drawings in 2D and 3D, and visualizations in the production of buikdings and structures
  • knowledge of processes and tools for collaboration with peers or external parties, for example architects, engineers and contractors in  construction, and the oil industry and other technical companies
  • knowledge of relevant regulations and standardized procedures for the design of technical content relating to constructions
  • an insight into the importance of professionalism in the field and understand the consequences of a failure to meet deadlines and fulfill agreements
  • an insight into the required accuracy of finished drawings and models, as well as the completeness of the accompanying documents of a production
  • knowledge of the different roles and functions within building and construction, as well as an insight into the methods of entrepreneurship
  • updated technical knowledge related to requirements for production, production software and commissioning of products
  • updated knowledge of companies in the construction, oil and construction sector, external stakeholders in a local, national and international context
  • an understanding of industry expectations and the importance of working professionally
  • an understanding of different roles in planning, production and presentation of building and industrial products, and which values a candidate needs to engage potential employers in a demanding industry
  • the ability to apply knowledge regarding planning and schematic drawings in 2D and 3D to make changes to designs, according to new information from the client
  • the ability to apply knowledge for analyzing drawings and schedule production using different software as part of a group, or with external operators
  • the ability to use tools for the manufacturing of 2D drawings and 3D models, utilizing appropriate techniques for the correct printing of profiles, sections and detail with professional tables and attributes
  • use tools for rendering and production of still pictures, and use knowledge of finishing to enhance end results
  • use techniques for production and fitting of animations for cinematography and objects, and use knowledge of rework for assembling video files.
  • use tools for production parametric and object-oriented models, and apply knowledge of documentation management by sharing resources and the completion of a project
  • find information about the building and construction industry stakeholders, relevant regulations and standardized procedures and requirements for the production of technical content
  • map out a comprehensive project in the planning of your own work for a problem, identify challenges and find solutions for the implementation of a production from initial idea to finished product      
  • an understanding of the relationship between standardized regulations and requirements for accurate production in the building and construction industry
  • perform work in the field and plan a job from initial idea to finished product as part of a group, or with external operators in terms of customers or suppliers within the industry
  • carry out professional work in 2D or 3D according to specifications from a client
  • build interdisciplinary relationships with engineers, architects, CAD operators and providers across different areas of technical expertise
  • develop a responsibility for your own production and delivery of flawless and complete documentation for the industry standard
  • develop professional working methods in entrepreneurship, and contribute to organizational development in cooperation with others

We recommend a workstation instead of a laptop (mostly because of functionality and price).
In addition, the following is recommended:
Intel i7 processor.
Microsoft® Windows® 10
Graphics Card 2060 RTX or better.
Minimum 16 GB RAM
Storage: SSD with minimum 256 GB storage, or a smaller SSD in co-operation with a larger spinning disk.
It is also recommended that you have 2 high resolution monitors and 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator.
We recommend PC over Mac because some of the required software is not supported by Mac.

Careers as a CAD operator

There are generally good employment opportunities for a skilled and proactive CAD operator, for example in construction or the oil industry. You will have the advantage of being able to produce visualization material for both presentations and sales.

I love the program. I know I made the right choice and am very pleased with both the teacher and other students in the class.Nadine Sørli, former student

Further studies

After completing the course, there are several routes that can be followed for more indepth learning. Norway has several universities that offer a Bachelor's degree in engineering or construction, which will further develop your technical expertise.



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Program information

Startups: No planned start-up
Application deadline: Ongoing admissions
Duration: 1 year full time
2 years part time
Programme language: English
Tuition online:

EUR 4.200,- per semester full time
EUR 2.100,- per semester part time

Accreditations: Approved for loans and grants from the State Educational Loan Fund. NOKUT accredited.
Admission requirements: Admission by formal competence or admission by prior learning. Read more.
Degree: Professional Degree
Credits: 60 ECVET

Lecturing staff

Eilef Lundevold

Eilef Lundevold

Program Leader
Solveig Friberg

Solveig Friberg

Teacher, Online Studies
Haakon Norseng

Haakon Norseng

Teacher, Online Studies
Glenn Thomas Jahr

Glenn Thomas Jahr

Teacher, Online Studies

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