Noroff University College offers two exciting bachelor's degrees in interactive media: games and animation.

Both of the study programs will provide you with quality-assured skills and knowledge crucial for success in the industry, but which study path is the right one for you? Let's explore more detail.

Interactive Media – Games

The bachelor degree in interactive media - games focuses on providing you with a thorough understanding of game design and development. You start your education by acquiring theoretical knowledge, later applying it in practice by creating game environments and character designs.

The bachelor's degree will equip you with what you need to step directly into various exciting positions. Some of these positions may include:

  • Game Developer
  • Game Producer
  • Environment Artist
  • Level Editor
  • Level Designer
  • UI Artist
  • Interactive Media Designer

Interactive Media - Animation

The animation specialization focuses on designing and animating 3D characters. As a student, you will gain extensive knowledge of visual culture and narrative theory before entering a more practical part of the study. You will gain experience with animation tools and development skills that will be highly valuable for your future career in animation.

If you choose to study interactive media – animation, you can look forward to exciting job opportunities, such as:

  • Concept Artist
  • Character / Environment Artist
  • Animator
  • Interactive Media Designer
  • Forensic Animator
  • Animation Director

Both study paths aim to make you, as a student, well-equipped with strong skills and an impressive portfolio, allowing you to enter the industry directly. The bachelor's degree in animation provides a deep understanding of character animation and visual storytelling, while the degree in games offers varied skills in game design and technological development.

Which direction is right for you?

Before choosing your education, it's essential to carefully consider interests, passion, and career goals. Feel free to ask yourself these questions if you're torn between gaming or animation:

  1. What engages me?
  2. What interests me?
  3. What am I good at?
  4. What are my career goals?
  5. What do I enjoy working with?

If you dream of conveying stories through animation and bringing 3D characters to life, animation is the way to go. For those who want to explore the creation of interactive worlds and creative coding possibilities, gaming may be the perfect choice.

Regardless of the direction you choose, both programs open the door to an exciting future in the digital world. Take the first step towards your dream career in interactive media and choose the direction that resonates most with your ambitions.

If you want to read more about students who have started exciting careers after completing their education, you can read about Konrad, who got a job as an animator after studying interactive media – animation. Or, you can take a look at John, who works as a game developer after completing a bachelor's degree in interactive media – games.

Interactive media, both gaming and animation, is offered as both online studies and on-campus education in Kristiansand. Additionally, you have the option to enroll in Online PLUSS Oslo, where you will have access to the Oslo campus while studying online. The next start up date for both programs are 12th of August, 2024.

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