Interactive Media - Animation student, Konrad Kaminski, took home the national award for best student work at The Golden Egg Awards yesterday.

Konrad Kaminski (31) clinched the national award for the best student work at The Golden Egg Awards with his bachelor project, Playtime, a captivating animated film that left a profound impression on the jury. He is commended for seamlessly juggling studies, work, and family life, with the jury praising Konrad's exemplary work ethic, consistently exceeding expectations. Playtime showcases Konrad's ambition to create works that touch the hearts of the audience.

We reached out to him immediately after he learned about winning the award for the best student work in his program.

It feels absolutely incredible! This is one of the most remarkable moments in my life. I am so grateful to everyone who supported and believed in me. I feel overwhelmed with happiness and gratitude right now, says the enthusiastic 31-year-old.

Passion for Games and Animated Films

When Konrad finished high school and contemplated his choice of study, he considered various professions such as environmental therapist, psychologist, and teacher, but none resonated with him.

I am so grateful to everyone who supported me and believed in me.Konrad Kaminski

My passion was games and animated films. When I began researching and learning on my own, I realized that this was something that brought me joy and something I wanted to pursue, explains the 31-year-old.

He came across the bachelor's degree in Interactive Media - Animation at Noroff. He chose to take the online program while working full-time at a secondary school. He describes the ability to complete the entire degree online as absolutely fantastic.

Online studies allowed me to plan everything on my own, deciding when to attend lectures and complete assignments. With a five-year-old daughter, the flexibility of self-planning was invaluable

📷: Konrad's bachelor project

The Goal: 3D Film Industry and Film Festivals

Konrad has opted to specialize in animation due to his significant interest in animated films.

I find everything we learn in the program very exciting and interesting.Konrad Kaminski

There are many steps to making an animated film, which was my bachelor project. I find everything we learn in the program very exciting and interesting, and for someone like me who wants to create my own films, all the subjects we've had have been very useful.

He suggests considering specialization before starting the program, making it easier to select courses or information most relevant to one's desired field.

For example, I knew I wanted to work on 3D animated films. I want to leave Noroff with a bachelor's degree and know that I have acquired the skills I need to create a 3D animated film entirely on my own, Konrad shares.

Even before completing his studies, Konrad has secured a position as an animator at Norway's largest event and advertising agency, JCP. The 31-year-old feels incredibly fortunate but also aspires to enter the 3D film industry.

I have submitted my bachelor film to a film festival and am already planning the next short film. The goal for the near future is to make it to a film festival and enter the 3D film industry. The path already looks very promising, but there is still a lot of work to be done, concludes Konrad.

🎥: Konrad's bachelor project. See more here.

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