Former Noroff student, John Hauge, now works as a game developer at Okto in Stavanger. He utilizes gaming technology to increase physical activity among children and youth, a job he finds highly rewarding.

John Hauge (32) previously earned a bachelor's degree in Interactive Media - Games at Noroff. The 32-year-old has always had a keen interest in games.

The first console we had at home was an Amiga, and since then, games have been a significant part of my life. Most of my high school years were spent on World of Warcraft, and since then, I've played a lot of different games, he says.

He mentions that he never enjoyed traditional classroom teaching, which made it difficult for him to keep up in class and showcase his potential.

I was often described as lazy by myself and others, and this affected my self-confidence as a child and teenager. Games became more than just entertainment for me; it became an arena where I felt mastery and a place where I could escape to something more rewarding.

- Showed My True Potential

It was his passion for games that led John to enroll in Interactive Media - Games at Noroff University College. At this point, he had a full-time job in a bakery, a wife, and two small children. He quickly found out that games were something he was genuinely interested in, but he also realized that he had to scale back on his job for it to work. Eventually, he chose to quit his job to fully focus on his studies.

I spent a lot of time on my studies and felt, for the first time, that I mastered school and showed my true potential. I learned new and exciting things all the time and set a goal to learn enough to create a game on my own before finishing at Noroff.

The extra effort seemed to be noticed by the teachers; John was offered to help one of the professors at Noroff develop an app for a festival in Portugal. He also got an offer to work with two other students on a project for a client as part of the Noroff curriculum. They were to create an interactive book based on a play.

I got the opportunity to continue working on this project for six months after we completed it. This was genuinely valuable, and I learned a lot, he says.

I spent a lot of time on my studies, and felt for the first time that I mastered school and showed my true potential.John Hauge

🎥: John's bachelor project "Huldra."

No Two Days Are Alike

Today, John works at Okto in Stavanger, a startup company developing innovative mobile games where players move their bodies while playing. The games aim to increase physical activity among children and youth. He is one of four employees in the company, which means there are many different tasks to be divided among the four.

My tasks are incredibly varied and include everything from creating commercials to game design, grant writing, programming, and everything else related to game development.

John mentions that sometimes he has to venture into unknown territory and do tasks he has never tried before, while other times he needs knowledge he never thought he would use. The 32-year-old enjoys working in a startup but admits that it can be quite hectic at times.

I don't think there's a typical workday in my job, which is precisely why I enjoy what I do so much. However, most of my time is spent on design and development, he says.

He continues:

Ending up actually working in game development is very rewarding. There is a lot of variety in tasks, new challenges, and opportunities for self-development all the time. I don't think you can ever stop learning.

The bachelor's degree in Interactive Media - Games is offered on the Kristiansand campus, throughonline studies and Online PLUS. By choosing a bachelor's degree at Noroff, you gain an attractive educational path developed in collaboration with the industry.

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