Please note that the application process is different for University College studies and Vocational studies. For Online Studies, the choice of school depends on whether the online program is a University College or a Vocational study.

English speaking applicants are directed to our local application form, which is available by clicking the green Apply button for Noroff University College.


The deadline for International applicants for citizens outside of the EU*, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is February 1st. (*EU includes some more countries, see link.)

Documentation requirements

In order for us to process your application, it is important to submit sufficient information at an early stage.

Please note that the deadline for required documentation is later than the application itself. The most important thing is to register your application before the deadline, and the necessary documentation can be submitted later.

Study contract

When the applicant accepts an offer of admission, the study contract becomes binding for both the student and the school.

Any questions? Please contact us

Call +47 38 00 00 00, or mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all your questions. If you happen to be in Kristiansand, you are welcome to drop by.

Admission process Noroff Vocational School

Noroff Vocational School classroom studies has ongoing admissions from January until the following semester starts.

Noroff Online Studies has start-ups four times a year (week 1, week 12, week 34 and week 42), and are therefore more flexible in terms of where and when you wish to start your studies.

We advise our applicants to apply as early as possible, and we ask everyone to upload all required documentation attached to the application to avoid prolonged processing time. If you are unsure what kind of documentation is required, you can read more about our admission requirements.

You will also be asked to write a letter of motivation with your application. This gives us an insight into your previous education, experience and level within the field. Once the application is submitted, you will receive an application confirmation sent to the registered email address. All communication between you and the school will be confirmed through email. We ask that you verify your information so we can reach you through your registered contact information.

When logging into your pages, you can track the status of your application at all times. You can also see if you have received messages, and you can edit your application if you need to make changes. For example, many applicants who have applied to a one-year study program wish to change this to a two-year program. This can easily be changed even after the application is submitted.

Shortly after the application is registered we will contact you for a counseling conversation. The purpose of this is twofold: We want to ensure that our applicants have the sufficient knowledge needed to succeed in the program, while ensuring that each student is well informed regarding the study they will attend, if they are accepted to the school. During this call, we are also wish to identify the interests of the applicant.

Bachelor after two years of Vocational School

Noroff have a good collaboration with several universities abroad. With our 2+1=Bachelor offers (two years at Noroff and one abroad), you apply to a number of international Bachelor degrees.

The agreements we have with our partner universities are, that if you wish to apply after two years at the Noroff Vocational School, you submit an application to the current university, stating that you hold to years of vocational education from Noroff. There are different application procedures at each university, and you can find more information here on how to apply to the university of your choise.

Questions regarding the admission process

Wondering how you can apply to study at Noroff? Perhaps you have questions regarding admission requirements, payments, loans and grants, where in the country you can attend or how to apply for an Online Study? Most questions regarding the admission process are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

If there is something that is not answered in our FAQ page, or you have any questions in regards to your application, you are more than welcome to contact us. You can contact us through our contact page, or through the messaging service inside my page as soon as you have filled out an application.

You are also welcome to contact the local campuses by visiting us in Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand, Stavanger or Trondheim. We can also assist in scanning documents for you if you are unable to do this yourself. We also allow pictures of documents, eg. taken from your phone, to be submitted.