Slik fungerer nettstudier

Curious about how studying online works? Discover what it means to be an online student on this page.

Online studies is education online, without regular attendance at physical lectures or classroom lessons. The advantage of online studies is that you have the freedom to adapt the studies to fit in your everyday life.

Studying online is becoming more and more common. The quality of this education model is the same as on our campuses, and the diploma you receive after graduation is identical to the campus students.

Online students learn to work independently and effectively, which in themselves are attractive skills in your future work life. As an online student you get access to a digital classroom where you get an informative overview of your online study environment. In the digital classroom you will find everything from teaching materials and assignments, and you can use discussion forums for communication between fellow students and teachers.

The delivery of online studies at the Higher Vocational College and Bachelor's level is different. As a bachelor student, the lectures are streamed live from campuses.

For our Higher Vocational College Studies, the learning material is pre-produced. You will work on practical tasks and acquire practical skills relevant to the industry. Our Higher Vocational Education can be completed full-time or part-time.

The online studies are designed for students who need flexibility in their everyday life, and is designed to teach you the same competence that a physical campus education would.

For our Higher Vocational College studies, you can apply for start-ups in August, October, January or March, whichever works best for you and your schedule.

Our Bachelor Studies starts every August.

There is no application deadline for online studies, but continuous admission. You can apply to online studies until one week after study start.

Do you find it difficult to choose between campus and online studies? From August 2023, you can have the best of both worlds through our new delivery model Online PLUS.

Online PLUS means that you can be an online student, and at the same time be part of the physical learning environment on campus Oslo. All teaching and guidance is online. You choose how you want to follow the lessons, whether it's at home, on campus or anywhere in the world. Read more about Online PLUS here.

The digital classroom offers great opportunities for a social student life online, if you wish. You are likely to find other students who are online in the digital classroom at the same time as you, and they can often be of great help if you are stuck in an assignment.

The digital classroom facilitates productive collaboration and discussions with your fellow online students, and many experience building new friendships and networks in their studies. You are not alone even if you study from home.

This flexible study method allows online studies to be adapted to your life situation and your busy schedule. At the same time, online studies will also require discipline and good planning, and can in some ways can be compared to a full-time job.

You are free to study at any time of the day at your convenience, but it is important that mandatory assignments are submitted by the current deadlines.

For bachelor studies, group collaboration work must also be expected at times, and the time for collaboration must be agreed upon within your group. Live lectures have specific times for streaming, although it is up to you when you decide to watch them. If you need contact with your supervisor, tutor or other staff members from the school, please note that these will be only be available during specified office hours. The time zone is Central European Time (CET).

Be sure to block out time in your calendar. The average study time is 40 hours per week for full-time students, and 20 hours per week for part-time students.

Our Bachelor Studies have a tuition fee of 57,000 NOK per semester, while our Higher Vocational College Studies have a tuition fee of 44,000 NOK per semester full-time and 22,000 NOK per semester part-time. Online PLUS Oslo has a tuition fee of 57,000 NOK per semester.

According to Noroff's study contracts, the tuition fee can be adjusted annually according to wage and price growth. This will normally occur with effect from the new academic year.

As an online student, you will spend a lot of time in front of the screen. It is therefore important that you have a computer (PC / Mac) that works well for the study. For more information about equipment requirements, see our F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions .

As an online student, you do not need to physically attend anywhere to take the exams, as this is also done from home.

At Noroff Online Studies, the exams are project-based. Scope and length vary.

After you have accepted admission at an online program at Noroff, you will be sent information regarding tuition fees, digital classroom and so on.

In the time leading up to the start-up, we will also send our applicants more information about being an online student. Among other things, useful tips on study techniques and stress management are provided so that you can prepare for Noroff's studies in the best possible way.

After you have applied for a program at Noroff you will have access to The Application Portal. Here you will find your application(s).

More information about the application process, payment, study information, exam, study contract and so on can be found on our page F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions.