Einar, Lorena and Joachim won in categories "Best Concept" and "Best Design".

– It was a great team to work with! says Lorena Carthy. Together with Joachim Holseter and Einar Nøren, she picked up the prices for "Best concept" and "Best design" at this year's Hackathon. Both prizes had a 2,500 NOK prize.

The Hackathon is an idea development contest where teams compete to develop the best digital solution based on open data. It is hosted by Student UGA i Agder. The event is open to with expertise in all fields of study, including programming, design, creativity, innovation, finance and marketing.

This year's event was held 9.-10. February, and the theme was "A smart and innovative city!"

It was a great team to work with!Lorena Carthy

App Prototype

– We created a prototype for an app which citizens can use to share pictures and location to give feedback on issues around the city. This could be holes in the road, garbage, streets that haven't been plowed, and so on. Within the app, citizens can vote on the issues that should be given priority, Lorena says.

– I've been studying web development during my free time and I thought this would be a great idea to test my skills and learn new things. I got Joachim Holseter and Einar Nøren to join the team. Both of them are amazing at 3D work. Together we should be able to come with good creative and technical solution.

Joachim, Einar and Lorena are students on 3D Game Design, Bachelor in Interactive Media - Animation and Bachelor in Digital Forensics respectively.

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24 hour project: Joachim, Einar and Lorena working around the clock. Photo: Systematicus.

– Only the beginning

– How did you approach the task?

– We used the Google Design Sprint method that, in short, is about developing an idea or project in five days. We decided to try and do it in 5 hours! It was hard work, but our group dynamics were great. We were having fun while brainstorming and coming up with details for our idea.

The experience has inspired us to keep working hard and evolve.Lorena Carthy

– How big did you think you winning chances were?

– Zero! Lorena laughs. – We participated for the challenge, and didn't go with the idea of winning. Instead we were there to enjoy our first hackathon, have experience the fun and thrill of working 24 hours straight on a project. 

– How did it feel to win?

– Surreal, to say the least! We didn't realise it was our app that was called until the judges were looking at us and clapping.

– You won 2,500 in each category. What will you spend the winnings on?

– I think we will buy more books, Lorena says smilingly.

– The experience has inspired us to keep working hard and evolve. This is only the beginning.

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