- Digital product management is crucial at a time when digital products and services are playing an increasingly important role in the business world, says the program leader.

From August 2024, Noroff Higher Vocational College offers a one-year study program in Digital Product Management. The program prepares students to lead the development, launch and management of digital products and services. Digital innovation is an important key to business development, and the ability to lead teams that can improve and develop digital products is recognised as increasingly valuable across a range of industries.

Experts who can identify market opportunities

Through the program, students learn to master the methods and tools needed to identify and validate user needs, as well as to prioritise features and improvements in existing digital products. Digital Product Management covers topics such as product strategy, marketing, user experience design, project management and data analysis.

Having experts who can identify market opportunities, develop profitable digital products and optimise existing services is essential, says program manager Lars Lægreid.

He says that employees with expertise in digital product management have the ability to help companies define their product strategy, as well as develop and launch digital products.

They will be able to manage the product lifecycle and analyse user data for continual improvement. In addition, they can effectively coordinate multidisciplinary teams to ensure success in the marketplace, he says.

Digital product managers work with product strategy, product development and testing, as well as marketing and revenue optimisation.

Having experts who can identify market opportunities, develop profitable digital products and optimise existing services is essential.Lars Lægreid

📷: Program Manager of Service Design, Lars Lægreid. Photo: Private.

Practical education

The study program is for anyone who is interested in the digital product landscape and is looking for a practical education that leads to real career opportunities.

Noroff as an educational institution can offer a solid theoretical and practical approach to digital product management. This gives students knowledge and skills that are relevant to today's digital economy, Lars says.

After completing the program, you will be able to work as a Product Manager, Product Analyst, Digital Marketing Coordinator, UX/UI Coordinator and Project Coordinator in product development.

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