The bachelor student is looking forward to enhancing his skills in data analysis and visualization through the summer at HMH.

When Mark Movh (21) faced the choice of which study program to pursue, he considered mechatronics, computer engineering, and computer science.

However, it was the discovery of Applied Data Science at Noroff Kristiansand that caught his attention.

It has become an area of study that I have really enjoyed. In the third year of the bachelor's degree, we were introduced to machine learning, which really sparked my curiosity and interest in the subject. Seeing how we can translate problems to fit specific applications of machine learning is very fascinating. I particularly enjoy working with neural networks, says the enthusiastic 21-year-old.

He will complete his bachelor's degree this summer and has secured a sought-after internship at HMH, which has been supplying drilling equipment to the industry for over 125 years and has headquarters in Amsterdam and operational centers in Kristiansand and Texas.

When I saw that they advertised a summer internship, I applied and was interviewed. After a week, they sent me the official offer. I will either join their existing team and learn directly from their experts or work as a software developer on a project consisting of summer interns. I am very excited to get started, says the 21-year-old.

I hope to use my time to improve my current skills and knowledge, especially in data analysis and visualization. The general software knowledge that I have acquired through my studies will be essential as I adapt to their systems and work pace.

In-demand in the job market

The Bachelor's degree in Applied Data Science is available in Kristiansand, through online studies, and Online PLUS Oslo.

Through the program, Mark learns how to use data to analyze, generate insights, and predict future events, thereby creating significant competitive advantages for companies. Data scientists are, therefore, highly sought after.

The program covers many areas, which provides many career opportunities. Whether it's database management or data analysis, each field opens up numerous career possibilities. Personally, I hope to work in machine learning or artificial intelligence, he says with a smile.

At Noroff, the professors have continuous contact with the industry and companies to collaborate with students, whether through events, career days, or online presentations by industry professionals.

Mark with several of his fellow students at Noroff Kristiansand. Photo: Jeanette L. Bækkevold.

An inspiring learning environment

Noroff Kristiansand is located in Slottsquartalet, right in the city center. It offers both university college studies and vocational college studies on campus. For Mark, being a campus student has been spot on.

Noroff is a relatively small institution with different campuses, unlike other Norwegian universities. However, despite this, you can be sure to learn quality content from experienced professionals online.

He continues:

Because the classes are smaller, you can also develop personal relationships with the professors as you have direct access to them. I have gotten to know many of the professors, and their personal qualities really shine through when you get to know them. I have gotten to know so many and formed friendships that will last beyond my time of study.

Finally, what would you say to those considering a Bachelor's degree in Applied Data Science at Noroff?

If you are interested in programming but not necessarily application development or software, data science focuses more on logical problem-solving and covers various subjects that combine computer science and mathematics to solve real-world problems. This flexibility allows you to be more selective regarding the future and the area you want to specialize in when you finish.