- I found that the combination of digital marketing and graphic design is very much in demand on the job market, says the 22-year-old.

Tora Verpe Dale has long had a keen interest in marketing and is passionate about good content, visual communication, inbound marketing and digital visibility. After high school, she chose to study for a bachelor's degree in digital communication and marketing. Through her studies, she learned a lot about social media channels, communication, consumer behaviour and engagement. However, she felt that she lacked technical skills in visual communication after her bachelor's degree.

I wanted to learn more about creating visual content that reaches the target audience and creates engagement, says the 22-year-old.

So, she decided to study Graphic Design at Noroff in Kristiansand, a practical programme that teaches you to work creatively and strategically with visual communication.

The link between the programme and the industry was very good. We were given real customer assignments, which provided me with an extra insight into the field. I felt very ready to enter the job market after the programme at Noroff.

Got a Job as a Marketing Consultant at Babycare

During her studies, Tora came across a trainee position as a digital marketer at Babycare, a Norwegian chain of baby and children's stores. She was lucky enough to secure the trainee position, and in August 2023 she was hired as a marketing consultant at the company. In addition to the online store, the company has five company-owned stores. Tora's main responsibility is to update the website and create daily newsletters.

After my studies at Noroff, I felt very ready to enter the job market. Tora Verpe Dale

A typical working day at Babycare is very varied. I work with design, photography, text, websites, marketing strategy, SEO and CRM system development. I really get to use all my skills in my job and I'm constantly developing with very talented colleagues.

Tora felt that the teacher on the programme made it possible for her to combine her studies with her job at Babycare. She also feels that she has really been able to use what she has learned on the programme in her job.

In my role as a marketing consultant, I use Adobe software every day. I design banners, newsletters, posters, advertisements, etc. I also use the photography skills I learned on the programme.

Tora also set up her own business while studying. She did a lot of work for clients, including designing websites, logos, and concepts for clients. Tora still takes on client work alongside her job at Babycare.

I'm currently designing a book that will be published in the spring. It's fantastic to have the opportunity to do graphic design in my spare time.

📷: Tora has designed the book Setesdal, which will be published in the spring.


Work with Real Clients

Tora says that during her graphic design studies she had several assignments where she worked with real clients, such as Hennig-Olsen and Sound of Happiness.

I found our teacher to be very dedicated and knowledgeable in the field. Tora Verpe Dale

The programme was very exciting and I learned a lot about working creatively with visual communication. It was also very educational to work so closely with the industry. We also collaborated a lot with students from other programmes, which gave us an interdisciplinary understanding, she says.

The former Noroff student praises the good learning environment at the Kristiansand Campus.

I found our teacher to be very dedicated and knowledgeable. She was very flexible and solution oriented. We also had a good classroom environment where everyone had different backgrounds and levels of knowledge and we learned a lot from each other.

What do you miss most from your time at Noroff?

What I miss most about my time at Noroff is the creative freedom I was given. I was able to explore many design directions and was constantly challenged to test new directions. Trial and error in the creative process was very useful and is something I have taken with me into my working life, says Tora.

📷: Student work where our task was to redesign the Sound of Happiness logo.


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