Noroff University College is adopting the Oculus Rift technology as a day-to-day part of their lab and teaching environments.


Students are able to preview and explore digital content immediately with this cutting egde immersive technology.

"It is now possible to design, create and test products and environments before anything is ever manufactured. Students at Noroff NUC have the freedom to view the designs with the ease of standard monitor." Joel Zika, Lecturer, Interactive Media, Noroff University College

Industry partners on board

Noroff NUC has already attracted a number of industry partners to work with the staff and students in solving their development requirements. Students are encouraged to look for problems in environment and interactivity that the Oculus can help solve. With the Oculus Rift the user can explore anything from the safety of a building site to the usability of a piece of machinery. This new immersive technology is no longer a trend or a gimmick but a practical and available tool for design in real time. Joel Zika, who’s PHD focuses on animation and immersive space, is working with NUC students to develop new ways of engaging with the technology. Each student is building gaming and educational environments to solve industry based problems.

Oculus Rift student