Deputy principal in Trondheim, Arne Pukstad, accepted the challenge from the students.

The Sound and Music Production student in Trondheim recently produced the audiobook for ”Krüger & Krogh”. In the Role as ”Plassmajor Fredriksen” the students challenged their principal Arne Pukstad. Arne willingly accepted, even though he had to push his limits and leave his comfort zone.

We have had an chat with Arne regarding the recording.

- Did you like participating in the audiobook?

- It was great fun. I like working with the students on projects. This was my debut as an actor, but according to the students it went very well. I would love to do it again sometime.

- Have you listened to the final result?

- No, but I’m so excited. It’s a good and funny story, so I’m looking forward to hearing it.

- Tell us about the position as principal i Trondheim

- I started working in august and I must admit I love it. Great students and great staff. I have my hands full working with the upcoming student fairs which start in january.

- Why do you think students choose to study at Noroff Trondheim?

- There are many good reasons to study at Noroff Trondheim. I believe we have a solid product, and we work closely with the industry as well as having a great student enviroment. Our campus is also located in the city centre of Trondheim.

- Final question. Is it possible to listen to the audibook?

- For those who are really interested we could probably make some arrangements. But it’s mainly a studentproject.

We wish to thank Arne for this interview, and wish him good luck in the new job!