We have had a conversation with the program manager for the Data Analyst program, who has provided us with a closer insight into the study program and the many career opportunities it opens up.

As a data analyst, you will be able to guide leaders in making informed decisions using relevant and up-to-date data-driven information. You will acquire dynamic skills as you become adept at working with numbers and software. Additionally, you will develop strong visual and oral presentation skills.

Practical Approach

Bertram Haskins, the program manager for the Data Analyst program, explains that the focus is always on practical learning. The first year specifically emphasizes the use of Microsoft Excel, while the second year covers tools such as MySQL, Python, and Power BI. This approach ensures not only an understanding of theoretical concepts but also provides practical experience with Excel, a crucial tool in data analysis..

Students will use Excel throughout the program to perform practical tasks in data analysis. This includes basic data analysis, data-driven decision-making, the use of statistical tools, and data visualization, Bertram explains.

He adds that the program also provides experience in creating reports using analysis and visualization tools.

– As a data analyst, you must be able to interpret data trends, recognize patterns, and communicate findings coherently in analysis reports. Additionally, you will play a central role in shaping the organization's strategies by steering business goals, optimizing processes, and presenting innovative solutions based on data-driven insights.

You will play a central role in shaping the organization's strategies.Bertram Haskins

📷: Program Manager, Bertram Haskins. Photo: private.


Versatile Competence

Bertram explains that the program provides versatile competence, preparing students for a range of exciting career opportunities. Many industries have a significant need for this type of expertise, and data analysts can be found working in areas such as finance, medicine, marketing, and social media.

The banking and security industry performs risk analyses while using analytics to prevent fraud. Due to changes in consumer behavior, the media and entertainment industry is also highly dependent on data to analyze results and tailor content.

He notes that data analysis is also revolutionizing the education sector and the research industry.

he research industry uses insights from various sources to leverage data for customer service and product development.

He continues:

Analysis also plays a crucial role in managing energy consumption and streamlining operations in the energy and utilities sector.

These industries are just a few examples of where skilled data analysts are needed. Bertram believes that each of these sectors, in its own way, is an example of how data analysis will revolutionize the modern world.

Data Analyst is available as both a one-year and a two-year program. he program is offered as online studies and has four start dates per year.

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