– My interest in the field of design has always been latent, and this program feels just right, says the 28-year-old.

Sofia Cash Perez (28) is studying Technical Design – Architectural through Noroff Online Studies. She is originally from Argentina, grew up in Spain, but has been living in Norway since 2016.

What inspired me to study technical design is that I needed a change. I am a professional baker and pastry chef and was no longer satisfied with my profession. My interest in the field of design has always been latent, and this program feels just right, says the 28-year-old.

She continues:

My main interest is architecture, but I also like product design very much.

Through the technical design study, she learns to draw, model, and visualize buildings and modern constructions in building design, concept modeling, and BIM.

The study is divided into subjects such as technical drawing 2D, technical drawing 3D, visualization, and BIM. All parts of the course were instructive, and I learned to use AutoCAD, Inventor, Revit, and Enscape from scratch; I had never used these programs before, and I feel very confident in my abilities now. We also used Photoshop and Premiere Pro from the Adobe package.

Photo: Screenshot of student work created by Sofia

The Study is Well-organized

The fact that I could study from home and in English really convinced me to choose this course.

- I chose online studies because it was flexible, and I could work at the same time. It has been a fantastic experience, but I must say that you have to be very consistent and structured when studying in this way, otherwise, you can easily fall behind.

Noroff offers a variety of exciting online studies for those who need a flexible everyday life. The study in Technical Design - Architectural starts in October.

– The study is intensive, and there is a lot to learn in a short time. The way it is structured is with teaching throughout the week, followed by module exams on what has been covered, either at the end of that week or the week after, says the 28-year-old.

All module exams have given me knowledge, but both final exams have made me grow as a professional in the field. The fact that we as students get to decide what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, gives us responsibility from start to finish and really makes you grow in organizational skills while using everything you have learned in the course.

An Investment for the Future

Personally, I am positive about finding a job that I like in the design industry, working in an architectural firm or in product design, she smiles.

To those considering applying for the study, I would say: Do it. You learn a lot. Even though it costs money, this is an investment in your future and an investment in yourself, which is always worth it, she concludes.

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