- With online studies, I can manage my everyday life independently, providing me flexibility and the opportunity to work simultaneously, says the 26-year-old.

Tori Vea has been a store manager since 2018, and with Noroff Online Studies, she has the opportunity to continue in her position while studying full-time. She chose the back-end development program due to her genuine interest in the field and a desire to expand her knowledge and skills.

The choice of this program was made based on my significant interest in programming and creating outstanding user experiences. I now have the opportunity to delve deeper into these areas, and I look forward to sitting down with my studies every day, she explains.

A Flexible Life as an Online Student

During the day, the 26-year-old works as a store manager, while she dedicates her afternoons and evenings to her studies. She has established good routines that allow her to combine both seamlessly.

We receive excellent support and feedback on all assignments and submissions.Tori Vea

I come home from work around 5 p.m. Then I take the time to go through the day's plan, carefully read school texts, and complete all associated tasks. Usually, I end up sitting until I finish the day and call it a night. This routine provides me with a structured study environment and ensures that I dedicate sufficient time and effort to my studies, says the online student.

Tori believes that to succeed in online studies, one should have a significant interest in the field, along with good routines, goals, and daily plans.

I put away my phone when I study and always sit in the office where it is calm and quiet. I also make a plan for what I need to finish before allowing myself to take a break.

Relevant for the Future

The 26-year-old feels that, as an online student, she gets the help she needs, similar to what she would receive if she were a campus student.

What we learn is very relevant. Tori Vea

The teachers are available on Teams and help you with anything you may wonder about, which, for my part, works perfectly. I can always message my teachers and often get responses outside their working hours. We also receive excellent follow-up and feedback on all assignments and submissions, she says.

Tori is currently working on an assignment where she gets to use everything she has learned throughout the year. She finds it enjoyable to apply what she has learned to produce a finished product.

What we learn is very relevant to the workplace. We have gained competence in how to effectively plan projects, collaborate in teams, and solve complex problems and implement solutions from scratch.

I hope that by the summer, I will secure a job and can start my career in back-end development, concludes Tori.

Among the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs

Back-end development is offered as both a one-year and two-year program. You can directly enroll in the two-year program, ensuring a study place for two years. Backend developers top the list of the most in-demand tech jobs in 2023. Through the education, you will learn technical programming skills essential to the profession.

The program is available as online studies and has its next start on January 9th, 2024..

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