Completion of a one-year backend development program at Noroff paved the way to a career at Vy: - In many cases, IT fields can be an excellent gateway to the workforce.

After studying theology for four years, Jørgen Skjegstad (26) posed critical questions to himself that led to a change in career direction.

Which traits and skills naturally align with my personality? Will I end up in a job through this study that suits my desired lifestyle? The answer for me at the moment was no, he shares.

He immediately began searching for a new program that could better fulfill his criteria than theology. Eventually, he chose the back-end development program at Noroff Online Studies.

After researching a bit, it seemed like back-end development could suit me well. Front-end development, as I understand it, focuses more on the user interface. Design has never been my strength, but structure and systems, such as back-end, have suited me very well, he says

Landed a Job at Vy

Back-end Development is offered as both a one-year and two-year program. You can directly enroll in the two-year program, ensuring a study place for two years. Jørgen chose to enter the workforce immediately after completing the first year.

Studying back-end development was a very positive experience. I only took the first year, and if it weren't for getting a job, I would have taken the second year as well. The program involves a lot of practical coding work, which suited me very well, he explains.

After completing the first year, the 26-year-old moved from Oslo back to Kristiansand, where he landed a job as an IT developer at Vy. This was precisely the type of job he had envisioned. He works in a team that manages and further develops some of the applications functioning in Vy's back-end.

Typical tasks include addressing any issues for systems in Norway or Sweden. We also ensure that everything is functioning as it should and update old functionalities to, for example, support new payment methods.

He continues:

So far, there has been a lot of new things, and I am not yet at the point where I can work independently with the applications. At the same time, I have been assigned a mentor, and together we have quickly started on concrete tasks. The transition from introduction to actual work has been short, says Jørgen.

I have been assigned a mentor, and together we have quickly started on concrete tasks.Jørgen Skjegstad

📷 The path from introduction to actual work has been short.


Fulfilling a Need in the Workforce

Jørgen took the program via Noroff Online Studies, which worked very well for him.

I am a structured person and work well alone. Of course, it can get lonely at times, but I had decided that this is what I would do, and it went very smoothly, he says

The newly graduated backend developer mentions that through the program, he gained fundamental knowledge of how applications function. He learned how to integrate with a database or an API and make it interact with the front-end.

What I look forward to the most is becoming proficient at what I do. It will take time, and I must be patient, but it will come through consistent and dedicated work, says Jørgen.

The 26-year-old has a clear message for others trying to find a career path that is right for them.

Ask yourself this question: What need exists in the workforce that I would like to contribute to filling? If you find the answer to that, you have a job for the rest of your life. Many things are enjoyable to study and work on, but make sure you know where you want to end up in the end. The study is not the goal but a step towards the goal, which is a job, he concludes.

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