The 18-year-old came directly from high school to studying User Interface Design as an online student. - The support is absolutely fantastic, she says.

– I found the User Interface Design program and felt that it was tailored to the thoughts and desires I had in my mind, smiles Anine Rønningen-Holtet (18).

She is studying User Interface Design from Hurdal through Noroff Online Studies.

- Like everyone else, I considered taking a gap year, but personally, I'm someone who likes to stay busy all the time. I saw online studies as an opportunity and thought it sounded very tempting. This way, I get exactly what suits me best – a daily routine filled with academic content and challenges that I can manage myself, in terms of when, where, and how I study.

I've always had an interest in form, color, photography, and style. I dream of becoming an architect or designer.Anine Rønningen-Holtet

Aspires to be an architect or designer

User Interface Design involves the graphical layout and user interface of a digital product, such as a website or applications. Throughout the course, Anine learns about the visual design of elements that a user can interact with in a digital product.

- I've always had an interest in form, color, photography, and style. It probably started with clothes but has shifted more and more to the digital side as I've gotten older. Since elementary school, I've had a plan to become an architect or designer, she shares enthusiastically.

– How would you say studying User Interface Design through online studies is working out?

– Very well. I'm actually really impressed. The assignments and everything you have to go through are often very self-explanatory and easy to understand. The support from the instructors is absolutely fantastic. On several platforms, you quickly get answers to exactly what you're wondering about, says the 18-year-old.

The course is available through online studies, and the next start date is already on October 18th.

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Life as an online student

– I like to get a lot done at the start of the week. I wake up extra early on the first few days, especially Mondays when a new assignment is posted, to get as much done as possible and get an overview of the task's scope.

She continues:

– Then I use Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to do most of the work. Thursday and Friday are for completion and reviews. I often take Saturdays off and go over everything one last time on Sundays before submitting. It's very nice to have that freedom, says Anine.

– I feel well supported. I prefer to send questions via email, and it works very well. I get clear and thorough answers quickly.

Increasing need for User Interface Designers

Both Norwegian and international companies are experiencing a growing need for User Interface Designers. There is currently a wide range of unfilled positions related to the field in various business sectors.

– Is what we're learning relevant to the job market? Absolutely yes.

– I want to use this year of online studies to explore what suits me, she says.

– Lastly, do you have any advice for new online students?

– Some might think it's demanding with a lot of work, but it's important to remember that there are people on the other side of the computer screen who have created this and will help you through it. It's much more similar to regular studies than one might think, Anine concludes.

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