- I've always been interested in artificial intelligence, and when OpenAI launched ChatGPT, there was no doubt about what I wanted to study and work with, says online student Julie.

Julie Jansen (28) is studying Applied Machine Learning via Noroff Online Studies. As an area of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning focuses on teaching systems how to learn from data themselves.

The 28-year-old already has a vocational certificate in IT-services and is also a trained Beauty Makeup Artist. After working for many years in the beauty industry, she wanted to move back into IT again.

- Since it's been quite a long time since I took a vocational certificate, I need to update my IT skills to be sought after in the labor market, she says.

Big impact on the future

When Julie finishes her program, she hopes to get a job as a developer, preferably in gaming, which is one of her great passions.

- It would be great fun to be involved in the process of creating a brand new game. I also think it would be cool to work for companies like OpenAI and be involved in the development of ChatGPT and similar services. I also hope that I can use my knowledge to help other people with all kinds of problems and challenges, she says.

She believes machine learning will have a big impact on the future and how we live.

- I think machine learning will automate a lot of the daily tasks we do, which will make our everyday lives much easier.

The 28-year-old says that so far in the program she has acquired a lot of knowledge about study techniques and basic programming. She is looking forward to further developing her expertise in systems that will be useful in everyday life.

Online studies work well

Julie thinks that studying online works very well, she likes the fact that online studies give her free rein to organize her day as she sees fit.

- I'm the kind of person who likes to get up early some days and sleep in on other days, maybe work a little alongside my studies and still have time for myself, friends and family. As an online student, I have the opportunity to organize my days exactly as I see fit, she says.

As an online student, I have the opportunity to organise my days exactly as it suits me best. Julie Jansen

📷: Julie thinks that studying online works great. Photo: private.

She believes that the most important thing to succeed as an online student is to be disciplined by setting up a routine that works. Studying online requires you to be able to work independently, so she believes it's crucial to motivate yourself so you don't fall behind.

- You should also not be afraid to ask for help, from both teachers and fellow students. We are all there to learn and help each other, she says.

The next start date for the online program in applied machine learning is 17 October. All programs at Noroff have continuous admission and are approved by Lånekassen.

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