In 2021, Naritsa applied for the Graphic Design program at Noroff Oslo, a study she had wanted to pursue for several years. Now, her journey continues with the online User Interface Design course.

A combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience

During her studies in Graphic Design Naritsa Larsen Risbø (21) gained, not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience that she believes will be invaluable when entering the workforce.

I was very pleased with the social atmosphere; I made several friends on campus, and the teachers were fantastic.Naritsa Larsen Risbø

– I had a great insight into the industry through various guest lectures and client projects. I also had the pleasure of doing an internship at a design agency during a project exam. There, I was able to apply the graphic skills I had learned in practice, she says.

The Noroff student attended classes in Oslo and found the campus to be an excellent study location and a social meeting place.

– I really enjoyed the campus in Oslo, with many nice places to mingle and study, not to mention top-notch technology. I was very pleased with the social atmosphere; I made several friends on campus, and the teachers were fantastic.

Flexibility in daily life

After completing her last exam in Graphic Design, Naritsa still had a desire to learn more about the industry. This is why she decided to enroll in the online course User Interface Design.

– I had already worked a bit with UX/UI design while studying graphic design, which made me curious. I knew I wanted to expand my skills and study further to have a broader foundation for the industry, she says.

Of course, my dream is to get into the industry as soon as possible.Naritsa Larsen Risbø

While Naritsa enjoyed studying on campus, she looks forward to having more flexibility in her daily life as an online student. Now she can study at her own pace, from wherever she wants, and accommodate her part-time job.

– One of the advantages of being an online student is the flexibility; I have freedom and control over my daily life!

She continues about her experience as an online student:

– We have been added to a communication channel and have gotten to know each other there. We have also received a small starter assignment due at the end of the first week. I am really looking forward to studying more!


The goal for this new online student is to strengthen her position as an employee by gaining versatility within the industry.

- Of course, my dream is to get into the industry as soon as possible.

She adds:

- In the beginning, the most important thing for me is to get a foothold in the field and gain a lot of experience. Hopefully, I will be even more competitive as a candidate after completing User Interface Design.

User Interface Design s about creating successful user-centered interaction design solutions. The UI Design course is offered online, with the first possible start date being January 9th, 2024.

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