Here you will find updated information about the corona situation at Noroff.

January 23:

Due to outbreaks in the Oslo region, strict infection control measures have been introduced. Access to our Campus in Oslo has been closed for one week, together with the other vocational colleges, colleges and universities in Oslo. Digital teaching also applies next week. This measure is valid until 31 January.

Areas outside the Oslo region:

The Norwegian Government held a press briefing on January 18, and some changes in regulations were presented.

All our campuses will remain open. Classrooms, lab areas, special rooms and machine areas are available for those students who need access, as long as the infection control guidelines are followed.

In areas with low infection, we are now allowed to arrange smaller meetings and sessions on our campuses. We are in constant dialogue with local authorities and look forward to carefully increasing the activity on our campuses as soon as conditions allow.

Stay tuned for information from your teacher and from your campus, and we hope to see you on campus again soon!

To reduce the risk of infection on campus, strict infection control routines have been established.

All students, staff and visitors must familiarize themselves with these routines.

Read the infection control guide here.

For å redusere smitte på campus har vi:

To reduce infection on campus, we have:

  • Disinfectants on campus
  • Plexiglas in workstations and classrooms
  • Posters with reminders to keep your distance, as well as habits to prevent infection
  • If necessary, restrictions can be placed for the maximum number of people in the same room

All teaching is online until January 18. Noroff continuously monitors the situation, and we provide information to the students on an ongoing basis.

This fall we were informed that a student at the Oslo campus has tested positive for covid-19. Work on infection detection was started immediately, and students and staff who have been in contact with the student have been notified by the municipal doctor / doctor.

This is the first known case of infection where one of Noroff's students or employees receives confirmation of infection.

  • Follow the authorities' advice on good hygiene
  • All students must take our e-learning course in infection control 
  • Keep a minimum distance of one meter and avoid queues
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly, especially when you are around other people
  • Hand disinfectant (Antibac) is a good alternative if you can’t wash your hands
  • Cough or sneeze into the corner of the elbow
  • Use public transport as little as possible, walk or ride a bike if you can
  • If you are ill or in quarantine, you should stay at home

The local student community offers health services:

Campus Oslo:

Campus Bergen:

Campus Stavanger:

Kristiansand Campus:

This page provides guidance on how to distinguish covid-19 symptoms from other conditions.

Anyone who suspects that they are infected with covid-19 should have the opportunity to get tested

If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, stay home and avoid contact with others.

If you are infected with the coronavirus and this has been proven with a test, you must report this to Noroff.

Students must contact the study advisor or subject teacher.

In the event of a detected infection, measures will be implemented to limit the spread of infection on campus.

On Lånekassen's website, you will find updated information on loan disbursements and scholarships.

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