Finally, it's time to announce this year's "Honorary Student" at Noroff Oslo. The award goes to a student who has really been engaged during his studies.

Under normal circumstances, the school year ends with a Diamond Award prize show, where we get time to reflect and celebrate our year at Noroff. Each year comes with varying degrees of busyness, excitement and their fair share of challenges.

This 2019/ 20 school year didn´t disappoint; it has been an extraordinary one!

The Global pandemic was an added challenge for all of us but one we took on together. I would, therefore, like to begin by thanking all of YOU, both students and staff, for your understanding, resilience, hard work and contribution to keeping things going and completing the school year.

Congratulations! It wasn´t the Spring semester any of us anticipated but one we will never forget and I trust, one we will still carry fond memories of.

11 years since the first Diamond Awards

Over the last two weeks, I have had the privilege to view a lot of the final year projects from the different programs, the nominations and the award winners, and I must say I have been so impressed by the quality and standard of your work. You should all be very proud.

Today, we announce the 2019/20 Honorary Student award for Noroff Oslo. This award marks the 11th year since it began in 2010, so this year´s winner will join a very exclusive group of alumni students.

Added to that, this year’s winner will also receive a reference letter from me and will of course, always be welcome back to Noroff to do guest talks and will be invited as our VIP guest to next year´s Diamond Awards.

This year's winner:

The Honorary Student award is presented to the graduating student at Noroff who has excelled most, either academically, through NSF/ student council, or simply gone above and beyond for their class, students and for Noroff.

This year´s winner goes to a student who has been really engaged during their time at Noroff, both in lectures and as a music production student in general. They have been a central member of the Noroff Records artist & repertoire-team, particularly in making the releases and release parties inclusive and a huge success at Samfunnet. They have, through their own initiative, promoted on campus, knocked on classroom doors to inform and include students from all programs. They have managed and taken on the responsibility for all communication with Samfunnet, invariably working long days both at campus and at Samfunnet, to ensure everything runs smoothly. They have been a link between the two specialization groups in Sound & Music Production 2 (SMP2), a link between the two years SMP2 and SMP1 and a link between the two programs Film Production (FP) and SMP, covering all things social, as well as school matters. They have consistently been forthcoming and willing to help or participate in tasks, matters or issues – whatever the size.

Christian Thornæs (SMP2)